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The Zowie Camade is used by the majority of CS:GO Professionals for a reason. Its build quality incredible gaming performance and the support of the Zowie brand name makes it the best mouse bungee in the world.

Zowie Camade Review

Back in the day gamers used to play with a ball mouse and an ugly white keyboard these days are long gone. Nowadays most gamers are proud of their colorful “Battlestations” and LED powered peripherals. With that being said I was surprised when I have seen a mouse bungee for the first time. I was skeptic and thought that spending 10-30$ on a mouse “organizer” must be a waste of money.

Boy was i wrong! Ever since I started using a mouse bungee I have seen a massive improvement in my aim and tracking skills. In addition I have vastly improved my MOBA/RTS “Tracking” and I rank up a lot faster across the board.

To be completely honest with you I think a mouse bungee might be more important than the keyboard and mouse you are using let me explain.


What does a mouse bungee do?

A mouse bungee’s sole purpose is to provide you with a flawless gaming experience and allow you to glide your mouse without any interference. In simple words a mouse bungee basically enables your wired mouse to become a wireless mouse without suffering from any delay or lag.zowie camade

As you can probably already tell a mouse bungee is a big deal and in my personal opinion every serious gamer should consider purchasing one.

With that being said some mouse bungees don’t preform as well as others and I have personally tried a few dozen mouse bungees before I landed on the best of the best the creme da la creme of the mouse bungee market. The glorious Zowie Camade! (See Lowest Price)

Now that you know my “history” with mouse bungees we can finally dive right into the review, read below!


Build Quality

You know me I always start with gaming performance first but this time i figured build quality is the most important factor as a bungees gaming performance is directly correlated with how well it is built and how well it can hold everything in place.

Spoiler alert! The Camade is the most well built mouse bungee I have ever owned, sure its one of the most expensive bungees on the market but its still the best when it comes to organizing your mouse cable and enabling a care free aiming experience.

The Camade weighs at around 240-245 grams and its rubber “feet” stick to my table like leeches! Seriously its very hard to move the Camade and even the most extreme arm aimers out there will enjoy a care free experience using the Camade.


Gaming performance

The strong point of the Camade is just how well it performs and how good it is at mimicking a truly “cable free” experience. All the other bungees I have tried including the popular Razer bungee couldn’t really get rid of that annoying “cable feeling” all together and I was really annoyed by the shots i was missing because the cable applied just a little too much resistant when flicking the mouse.

That’s why I was compelled to write this review and tell the world about what I believe is the best mouse bungee in the world.

To get rid of the “cable feeling” and resistance Zowie used a spring arm which twists and bends according to your hand movements. Of course most of the other bungees use a spring arm as well but from my experience most spring arms just fail and leave you with just a little less “cable”



Usually the design is a deal breaker for me and to be completely honest with you I don’t really like the Camade’s design. Its just too plain and simple for me. I usually go for the more extravagant designs made popular by companies zowie camade 2such as Razer, ROG and Steelseries.

With that being said the design can take a back seat as the performance of the Camade is just out of this world and I really can’t see my self playing without it.



The two things that dettered me from purchasing the Zowie Camade were its design and its price (See Lowest Price). I thought to myself “I can either buy a new mouse pad or a low end mouse for that price”.

I am so glad I purchased the Camade depite its high price and I feel that the Camade combined with my Logitech G502 mouse allow me to game at a completely different level and I personally was never such a good FPS/TPS player as I am now in my rather long gaming “career”



Used by some of the best CS:GO players in the world including: Scream, Skadoodle and KennyS

As you can probably tell I am a pretty huge fan of the Zowie Camade and I highly recommened it to any gamer regardless of skill level.

To close I would like to thank you for reading my review of the Zowie Camade! I hope that you can now make an informed decision and enjoy a much better gaming experience.

Good Luck!


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