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Adil “ScreaM” Benrlitom is a professional CS:GO player from Belgium. He currently plays for Team EnVyUs as a rifler. ScreaM started his professional gaming career at 16 years old playing Counter-Strike:Source for the French team eLogic. Since then, he participated in countless championships and events playing for many different teams and accumulated over $200K in winning prizes.

ScreaM's Gear


BenQ 2411Z


FinalMouse ScreamOne


SteelSeries QCK HEAVY


SteelSeries 6GV2


Sennheiser GAME Zero

Mouse Settings

DPI 400 Sensitivity 2.5
EDPI 750 Zoom sensitivity 1
Polling Rate 1000Hz raw input 1
Windows sensitivity 5 Acceleration 0

Video Settings

Resolution: 800 x 600
Aspect Ratio: 4:3
Scaling Mode: stretched
Refresh Rate: 144Hz

Equipment Analysis

ScreaM’s Mouse – ScreaM is using the ScreamOne as his mouse. The ScreamOne was built by FinalMouse and developed with ScreaM to build the best professional gaming mouse in the world. The mouse is equipped with the pmw3360 eSports sensor which is considered by many as one of the most advanced sensors in the industry and it is ergonomically designed for pro FPS gamers.

ScreaM’s Mousepad – The SteelSeries QcK Heavy is one of the most popular mousepads among pro CS:GO players and one of our favorites. The pad is made from high quality cloth and offers a nearly frictionless surface which is optimal for all the modern sensors in the market today like the pmw3360.

ScreaM’s Keyboard – ScreaM’s keyboard is the SteelSeries 6GV2. The 6GV2 is comes with very responsive Cherry MX gold plated mechanical switches which are extremely responsive and durable. In addition, you will enjoy 100% anti ghosting and a very impressive keys lifespan of over 50 million operations per key!

ScreaM’s Headset – ScreaM is using the Sennheiser GAME Zero as his headset. The GAME Zero is Sennheiser’s premium headset for professional gamers. The headset has an amazing sound quality (typical for Sennheiser), a very good noise cancelling microphone, light weight design and very comfortable ear cups.

ScreaM’s Monitor – The 2411Z is one of BenQ’s more high end gaming monitors, directed towards the professional eSports players market. The monitor has a very fast response time of 1ms GTG, 144Hz smooth polling rate and is equipped with multiple optimization technologies: GROM, eye fatigue reduction tech and motion blur reduction technologies which are optimal for FPS gamers.


Crosshair settings

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