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Latest Posts

Zowie Camade Review

Zowie Camade Review Back in the day gamers used to play with a ball mouse and an ugly white keyboard these days are long gone. Nowadays most gamers are proud of their colorful "Battlestations" and LED powered peripherals. With that being said I was surprised when I...

The Ultimate DVA Guide

The Ultimate DVA Guide: Climbing The Ladder as a DVA Main DVA is one of the strongest heroes in Overwatch and is often considered as the only true hybrid hero in the game. As a grand master DVA main I can already tell you that the hype surrounding DVA's ladder...

The Best Settings For Fortnite

Everybody already knows what Fortnite is – a third person shooter that has overtaken some of the more popular games such as League of Legends and Overwatch in terms of viewership. Top streamers like Ninja and Summit1g are only two of the many people jumping on this...

Tecknet Gryphon Review

Tecknet Gryphon Review If you have landed on this article you are probably a UK gamer looking for a quality budget friendly keyboard and came out to find if the Tecknet Gryphon is any good. The short answer to that question is an absoulte yes! With that being the long...

Best Mouse For Fortnite

Best mouse for Fortnite Fortnite is one of the few successful third person only shooters in the world and you probably haven't played a 3rd person shooter other than fortnite in quite a while now. I know it takes time to adjust to the unique game-play Fortnite has to...

Building The Ultimate Gaming Setup On a Budget

Share this Infographic On Your SitePlease include attribution to with this graphic.   So, you think you’re ready for your very own gaming setup, but you don’t have much money because times are tough and college is expensive. It’s alright, we understand –...

Fortnite Steam – How To Play Fortnite On Steam

How to get Fortnite on steam  Fortnite is the hottest game right now and you have probably landed on this article because you are a frustrated steam user that wants to access Fortnite Battle Royale through valve's legendary platform and enjoy the convenient steam chat...

The Best Extended Mouse Pad

What Is The Best Extended Mouse Pad? – 2018 Buyer’s Guide (Updated) What is the best thing to elevate your ultimate gaming PC setup after getting your gaming mouse and keyboard? Well, we’d suggest an extended gaming mouse pad. The look of it makes your keyboard and...

4 Ways to Deal with Tilt in a League of Legends Match

What is “Tilt”? If you don’t know what the term means, you may have felt it before. You know that feeling of dread when your team immediately gives up First Blood? Or when you fail a Flash over a wall that you usually land perfectly? You may get frustrated, angry, and...


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