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Latest Posts

Best Settings For Scum

As with any other new Battle Royale/Survival game hardcore players will always strive to play using the best possible settings to spot enemies and maintain a solid 144 Fps. Scum is no different and its actually one of the most hardcore games on the block. Read below...

How to Make an Autoexec File for CSGO

Want to make an autoexec file for CSGO? Follow our no nonsense guide below to get your own autoexec config file created within minutes.   Once we’ve explained how you can make your own autoexec file, we’ll offer some details on what can be included in it and why using...

Onikuma Gaming Headset Review

  The gaming headphone market is a difficult one to navigate – you’ll probably be baited into purchasing headphones for the gamer aesthetics rather than for good output and input sound quality. Although there are a few gems in the haystack, namely the HyperX Cloud II,...

Arozzi Verona Pro Review

  Arozzi Verona Pro Full Review Gaming chairs are becoming a mainstay in terms of vital equipment for gamers. Why though? What’s changed that means an office chair or even the sofa isn’t good enough anymore? The main factor is that people are more in tune with what is...

Best Crosshair For Hanzo

The Best Crosshair for Hanzo   If you want to see through the dragon’s eyes, then you need to be using the right crosshair. Hanzo is a complex character to aim with because so many factors go into keeping your arrows true. After the latest rework to his kit, choosing...

Best Monitor for Fortnite

What Is The Best Monitor for Fortnite? In case you've been living under a rock for the last year, Fortnite is currently the biggest video game on the planet. Offering fast-paced gameplay, bright cartoon visuals and plenty of fun Fortnite is the brainchild of Epic...

The Best Crosshair For Widowmaker

What is the Best Crosshair for Widowmaker?   If you want “one shot, one kill” then you're going to have to get your crosshairs right. And when you’re playing Widowmaker, that means finding an aiming solution that helps you get as many headshots as you can. Crosshairs...

Redragon M601 Review

Redragon M601 Gaming Mouse Review After blowing out all your money on the latest graphics card or the strongest CPU, you probably realized you didn’t save any money for your peripherals. When looking at the big-name brands like Corsair or Razer, you realize that you...

The Best Tablet For Hearthstone

What you should look for in a tablet for Hearthstone   What is Hearthstone? Developed by Blizzard, Hearthstone was launched on the 11th of March, 2014. The game gained traction extremely fast and exploded in popularity and continues to be the most popular card game in...

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Learn how to build your dream gaming setup on a budget!

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