Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

The original counter strike is the father of the FPS genre as we know it, Originally a mod for Half life counter strike was a game changer and a sprout of one of the worlds most successful game series ever. 12 years after its original release came Counter strike: Global offensive which yet again changed the rules of the game with its revolutionary skin system, vast community market updated graphics and the series iconic gunplay. Today Counter strike: Global offensive is one of the worlds most successful games and one of the worlds biggest Esports.

KennySG2 EsportsAWPer View Profile
tarikCloud9Rifler / Entry fragger View Profile
Stewie2kCloud9Rifler / AWPer View Profile
SkadoodleCloud9AWPer View Profile
f0rest NiPRifler / AWPer View Profile
n0thingCloud9Rifler View Profile
olofmeisterFaZe ClanRifler / AWPer View Profile
ScreaMEnVyUsRifler View Profile
HikoRogueRifler View Profile
s1mpleNatus VincereRifler / AWPer View Profile
swagGXRifler / AWPer View Profile
NikoFaZe ClanRifler / AWPer View Profile
JWFnaticAWPer View Profile
FalleNSK GamingAWPer / Shotcaller View Profile
ShoxG2 EsportsRifler View Profile
AutimaticCloud9Rifler View Profile
fREAKAZOiDSwole PatrolRifler View Profile
ColdzeraSK GamingRifler / AWPer View Profile
FlushaFnaticRifler View Profile
rainFaZe ClanRifler View Profile
GeT_RiGhTNiPRifler View Profile
PashaBicepsVirtus.ProRifler / AWPer View Profile
SnaxMouseSportsRifler / AWPer View Profile
kioShiMaEnVyUsRifler View Profile
KarriganFaZe ClanRifler / In-Game Leader View Profile
JasonRNRG Esports (Retired)Rifler / In-Game Leader View Profile
dev1ceAstralisAWPer View Profile
KRIMZFnaticRifler View Profile

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