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Ryan Abadir AKA fREAKAZOiD is a popular streamer and a professional CS:GO player. fREAKAZOiD played Counter-Strike Global Offensive competitively since 2012 and is currently playing as a rifler for his own team, Swole Patrol. Previous to founding Swole Patrol, fREAKAZOiD played for multiple professional teams including Cloud9 and Echo Fox and won over $70K in prizes.



BenQ XL2540


Zowie EC2-B


Zowie G-SR


Logitech G Pro


HyperX Cloud II

Mouse Settings

DPI 400 Sensitivity 1.8
EDPI 720 Zoom sensitivity 0.8
Polling Rate 1000Hz raw input 1
Windows sensitivity 6 Acceleration 0

Video Settings

Resolution: 1024 x 768
Aspect Ratio: 4:3
Scaling Mode: black bars
Refresh Rate: 144Hz

Equipment Analysis

fREAKAZOiD’s Mouse – fREAKAZOiD upgraded his EC2-A to the new and improved Zowie EC2-B. The EC2-B his the best mouse in the world when it comes to ergonomics. It is designed exclusively for right-handed players and is perfect for claw and palm grips because of its perfect well rounded design and its size. Another big advantage of this mouse is its very advanced 3360 sensor.

fREAKAZOiD’s Mousepad – The Zowie G-SR is a cloth made mousepad that is optimized for optical sensors (like the 3360). The quality of the surface and the rubber base is very high and the glide is very smooth. Recommended for those of you who own an optical sensor mouse.

fREAKAZOiD’s Keyboard – fREAKAZOiD is using the Logitech G Pro. The Logitech G Pro was built for professionals and is very popular among pro eSports players. The keyboard is equipped with Logitech’s highly responsive Romer G switches, 300 builtin gaming modes, multiple programmable buttons and comes with all the advanced features you’d want to see in a pro mechanical keyboard: 26 key rollover, 100% anti ghosting, RGB and phenomenal build quality.

fREAKAZOiD’s Headset – The HyperX Cloud II are one of our personal favorite gaming headsets and great choice for CS:GO players. The headset is very well built (aluminum frame), extremely comfortable thanks to its high quality foam earcups and the leatherette headband, and the sound quality is amazing!

fREAKAZOiD’s Monitor – We are not surprised by fREAKAZOiD’s decision to go with the BenQ XL2540. As you probably already know, BenQ is the leader in the pro gaming monitors market and the XL2540 is one of their best products for FPS players. The monitor comes in two versions 144Hz and 240Hz and comes with all the features a pro eSports player would ask for: full adjustability, color vibrance and exceptional image quality.


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