If you have a love for gaming like we do, then you probably have a personal attachment to your set up. We get it. From having the best keyboard to making sure you have the best headsets, you want the best gaming experience you can get and that’s possible with great gear.

Chances are, after some time you will be looking to get something custom built to fit your unique gaming needs. If you’re in the market for a custom laptop, then finding the best builder can make a world of difference.

We will be taking a look at the best custom laptop builders out there, and comparing the advantages so that you know what you’re getting into to.

But before we get to the pros and cons, let’s take a look at what you should look for in a custom builder.

Customer Service

If nothing ever happens to your laptop, which let’s be honest, will happen eventually, then you don’t have to worry about this one. However, because you may run into a situation where you need to talk to the builder’s customer service support, you will want to know that they will help you the best they can.

I won’t name names, but there are some custom builders that seem to be known for horrible customer service experiences and issues. I’ve heard horror stories of people having more issues with the service providers that with the computers themselves.

So, it’s worth it to look up some reviews and see what kind of experience others have had with the company. Gamers don’t take crap from anyone, so you know you’ll get some brutally honest opinions.


Building a custom laptop for gaming is never going to be the cheapest thing in the world, but assuming that you are getting one because you are an avid player, you already know this. You are searching for quality over price point.

That being said, you don’t want to throw money down the drain for a company that will give you the same set up as someone else. But also, don’t be fooled by a low price that is guaranteeing $500 less than a competitor for the same thing. That is probably not the case because they might be cutting corners elsewhere.

So, know what you need and don’t over, or under, pay for something that you will use often. Make sure that you are getting the best set up for the price.


Not every custom builder has the same warranty for their products, with some having one to three years, and others having a lifetime warranty. Others have an out-of-bow warranty for one year with the option to pay a fee for three years of coverage.

The warranty doesn’t cover everything though, some cover parts for one year, but labor for three. So, it depends on exactly what you get, and what each builder gives you with it.

Now, here are the best custom laptop builders out there!



This Florida based company builds custom computers that made from components that are simple to choose. They don’t have the widest selection as some others builders do, but they have everything you would need. This makes it easy for someone from any experience to be able to pick out what they need.

Their pricing is middle of the road when it comes to custom builds, but they have a one-year warranty with a fee to extend that to three years. All systems also come with lifetime technical support and free labor.

The price may not be the lowest of the bunch, but because of the unique products they offer for their build, you won’t get the same one anywhere else.



Xidax is a Utah based company that is known for their great warranty. Their custom builds come with a warranty that offers parts and labor for life. This is not something that you will get anywhere else.

Their selection is smaller than many of the other builders, but what they do have is of good quality and it all made to work very well together. Plus, because of the limited selection, it is simple for someone just starting out to figure out what to get. There isn’t a selection overload to worry about.

Falcon Northwest


This Oregon based company is the oldest on the list, which comes with decades of experience. Their focus is on a small selection of products, but all of high quality and compatibility. This ensures that no matter what you choose to get, everything will work together perfectly.

Each system comes with an exclusive case design from the company, which they are famous for, and you can also get a custom paint job to go along with it. The custom paint jobs can cost close to $1000 for the work, so this puts the build on the high end if you choose to do so. Without it, it still is a bit higher end in terms of pricing, but well worth it.

The warranty comes with a 1-3-year guarantee, depending on which product you get, and it comes with lifetime technical support.

Ava Direct


This company works out of Ohio and is the lowest price on the list. With a huge selection of products, you can pick and choose exactly what you want from a long list of items. You can even add watercooling loops, custom paint jobs, and premium cables if you like. This company focuses on being completely custom, and with their selection, it’s easy to see.

With so many options, this company is not for the weak at heart. This is definitely well-suited for longtime gamers or professionals. However, the website is simple to use and shows the most popular items first, so even beginners can find a way through it.

The price may jump up a bit higher if you opt for a custom paint job, which prices aren’t listed and are on a project to project basis, but it still comes in on the low end.

The warranty is similar to others with a 1-year guarantee and an option to pay a fee for three-year coverage. Like others as well, you will get lifetime technical support and labor.

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