What Is The Best Crosshair For CS GO?

If you have landed on this article you are probably aware of the importance of proper crosshair settings. We are not going to go over the importance of those settings but we will say that proper crosshair settings can make the difference between a good player and a great one.

If you have watched any CS GO streamer recently, you already know that almost all of them use some sort of a small static crosshair.

I believe you should customize your crosshair based on your own play-style. So, without further ado, let’s start analyzing some pro player crosshairs and use them as our starting point.


You can check out all the crosshairs on this list using our pro CS:GO players database or use the crosshair map as shown in the video below.

n0thing – Best overall

n0thing is probably the most likable personality in CS GO. His crosshair is used by a large number of players and for a good reason. If you take a closer look at n0thing’s crosshair you might suspect it looks very similar to the default crosshair and you would be right. n0thing is using a very simple static crosshair with slight modifications.

The crosshair is of moderate size and is colored the normal neon green color. The thickness and length values are also a little higher than the default ones.

The end result is a beautiful robust crosshair that can be used across all situations. n0thing is a rifler but you can use it for AWPing as well because the crosshair is big enough while maintaining the center gap small for rifling.

We highly recommend you to check out n0thing’s detailed profile page on our site to learn more about his crosshair settings and gear.

KennyS – Best for AWPers

KennyS is one of the best AWPers to ever play the game. We chose him as our first example because of his rather simple crosshair. KennyS crosshair is a great example of the standard Pro player crosshair and we highly recommend every player to start with a crosshair similar to KennyS.kennyscrosshair

As you can tell from the picture to the right KennyS crosshair is very simple it features the popular light blue color and it looks like your normal static crosshair.

We highly recommend you to start with a simple crosshair and welcome you to copy KennyS exact crosshair settings from his profile page on our site.

Stewie2k – Best for Riflers

Stewie2K is one of the most popular CS GO players in the world. He is using a very small static crosshair. Small crosshairs are typically used by riflers to more easily hit headshots and improve their overall aimStewie2k crosshair. The reason Stewie and a lot of other riflers don’t use large crosshairs is that in most cases large crosshairs can slightly decrease your accuracy with weapons such as the AK-47 or M4A4. You will mostly see AWPers such as KennyS use bigger crosshairs to more easily envision their AWP scope.

We recommend you to use Stewie2k’s crosshair if you are a rifler and already possess a decent aim as smaller crosshairs tend to have a steeper learning curve.

You can check out Stewie’s exact crosshair settings on his dedicated page on our website.

F0rest – Best for AWP/Rifler (Hybrids)

F0rest crosshair from youtubeF0rest is one of the best players in the history of counter strike. We have seen F0rest alternate between a few different types of crosshairs. It seems as he has finally settled with his current yellowish crosshair. His crosshair is perfect for those of you who double as both AWPers and Riflers.

The reason F0rest’s crosshair is so good for both AWPers and Riflers is its color and size. F0rest is using a fairly neutral color and an overall medium size. This combination allows the user to easily hit headshots thanks to the relative size and color and also helps the player envision an AWP scope thanks to the rather long lines.

We highly recommend you to use F0rest’s crosshair if you are playing as an AWPer/Rifler.

 Olofmeister – Best for veterans

Olofmeister is another worlds class player and probably the best player on our list. Olofmeister is using the most advanced crosshair on our list for the simple fact that it is white. White crosshairs are the best if you get Olofmeister crosshairused to them, other than the unusual color Olofmeister is using pretty standard thickness and length parameters.

We highly recommend you to start with some of the other crosshairs on this list before you start using this type of partially transparent crosshairs.

That being said, with enough practice you can get proficient with a white crosshair and enjoy the most flawless aiming experience thanks to the fact that white crosshairs won’t interfere with anything going on in the game and won’t be a distraction or hide any valuable information from your sight.

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