Protecting Your Eyes While Gaming: The Ultimate Guide

It’s needless to say that your eyes are your most valuable assets when gaming and in this guide, we will teach you how to protect them!

We all know we damage our eyes whenever we look at a screen and we choose to ignore it anyway. In reality, most of us simply can’t reduce our “Screen time” to under 2 hours a day and for that reason, you should do anything in your power to protect your eyes during those long gaming sessions. Without further ado lets jump right into the 7 steps you can take right now to protect those precious eyes of yours!


1. Move Away From Your Monitor


gamers looking at monitors


The first and most obvious “step” you can take to ensure better eye-health is to simply position your monitor further away from you. Increasing the distance between you and your monitor will help reduce eye strain and reduce the amount of blue light emitted to your eyes. With that being said it will become harder for you to actually see what’s going on in-game and we highly recommend you to find that sweet spot that will allow you to easily see your game without being too close to the monitor.

We also recommend you to increase the text size displayed by your OS.


2. Adjust Brightness

Another simple step you can take is to simply reduce the brightness levels emitted by your monitor. As you probably already know your eyes are very “Sensitive” to bright light sources and we highly recommend you to adjust your brightness levels until you find that sweet spot that will allow you to easily see what’s on the screen without blasting your eyes with harmful blue light.

If you would like to keep those bright vibrant colors and not compromise on your eye’s health we highly recommended you to invest in a high-end monitor from companies such as BenQ or Asus. Their monitors often feature eye-care display options and various other technologies that will protect your eyes for long periods of time.


3. Invest In a Quality Monitor

gaming monitor

This step is not as obvious as the last ones and many people forget to invest in a quality monitor for various reasons. As we have mentioned before certain monitor brands such as BenQ or Asus offer gaming monitors with eye-care display options and IPS displays that will emit less harmful blue light to your eyes.

In addition to those eye health benefits you will enjoy better picture quality and enjoy your games in higher frame rates (144,240) and we truly believe a monitor should be your first piece of gear after the PC.


4. Never Play In The Dark

We all know that playing in the dark is harmful to our eyes and we have all experienced this irritating eye related headache from playing too much in a dark room. When you play or read in the dark your eyes work harder and you put unnecessary strain on them. Strain is bad for your eyes and can cause dry or irritated eyes. In addition, you may eye related headaches.

In conclusion playing in the dark is a big no-no and we highly recommend you to stay away from it.


5. Wear Computer Glasses


Blue Light Blocking gaming Glasses


Many eye-wear companies offer specialized eye-wear that usually features yellowish looking lenses. The science behind them is quite simple these glasses usually reduce the blue-light and glare received by your eyes, therefore, reducing eye strain and improving your eye’s health.

However, some users report even more eye irritation and many users don’t like the yellowish look these glasses provide and we highly recommend you to try them for yourselves!


6. Take a Break Every Hour

This one is as obvious as the sun and we assume all of you already experienced how great it is for eyes when you take a break. As with any of the other “step” on this article it all comes down to reducing eye strain and helping your eyes rest.

Taking a break obviously gives your eyes time to reset and relax therefore reducing strain and irritation. In addition to the obvious health benefits taking a break once in a while might give you an in game advantage since it also gives your brain a break and will allow you to focus when you come back from your break.


7. Play Less

The last step on this article is simply playing less. As gamers we know you can’t simply stop playing at a moment’s notice and we don’t think it’s realistic to play for less than to hours a day. However, playing for more than 5-6 hours a day might become harmful to your eyes and your overall well being and we highly recommend you to keep your play time in the 2-5 hour range at max.



We hope you have learned something new and start implementing some of these eye-care tips in your gaming session. And always remember that even though we all love gear we should always keep our internal gear safe and sound!

Happy gaming!

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