The Ultimate DVA Guide: Climbing The Ladder as a DVA Main

DVA is one of the strongest heroes in Overwatch and is often considered as the only true hybrid hero in the game. As a grand master DVA main I can already tell you that the hype surrounding DVA’s ladder climbing capabalties is absolutely justified In addition DVA is one of the easiest Heroes to carry with in overwatch if you know what you are doing.

With that being said Mastering DVA can be a hard task and there are several skills you have to master before delving into high ranked play. So without further ado lets dive right into the guide!


The 5 Essential skills every DVA main should master


DVA the undying (Mech control)

dva de mech

The biggest mistake I noted beginner DVA players make is the lack of respect to their Mech. What I mean by lack of respect is that most beginners don’t really care if they get de-meched because they figure they will just shoot some people and get their mech right back.

I also used to play like that and soon realized that getting de meched can be worst than dying! Most people would agree that baby dva can’t really do anything and the she is rather useless. When you are de-meched you have two possible outcomes the first outcome is you tickle some heroes and get your mech back that’s obviously the preferred outcome. The second outcome is you tickle some heroes and die.

As you can tell both outcomes are bad and no matter what you do you will waste time! If you do manage to get your mech back you have wasted precious time. If you died than you basically threw all the time you wasted trying to get your mech back.

That’s why I personally avoid de-meches like the plague. And I believe you should too.


DVA the Assassin 

dva comboBefore the micro rocket patch most DVA Players used to spam defense matrix which was twice as long. Old school DVA was judged by how good she were timing her matrixes and how good you were at peeling dps intruders off your squishy teammates.

The new DVA is a lot more complicated and you should treat her as an hybrid hero. By Hybrid I mean DPS/TANK and I encourage you to watch pro streams to watch a good Hybrid DVA for yourself 🙂

With that being said you can start taking action today and improve your DVA game in no time!

Step 1

Always combo your Micro missles,boosters and normal fire! For real you should only use your micromissles if your target is super low on health, otherwise the only thing it will do is tickle your target and waste a rather long cooldown for nothing.

Even though DVA is a tank she is one of the best burst damage heroes in the game and you can easily squash your enemies if you hit even 50% of the triple combo i mentioned above! So please don’t use micro missiles for nothing.

Step 2

Become an opportunist. Always “scan” the enemy team for anyone out of position (especially squishies) once you recognize an opportunity immediately jump on it and fully commit to it! With that being said you should never go into situations with more than 1 dps apparent as you will probably get de-meched (you already know what I think about de-mechs)

In time your “Scanning” abilities will improve and you’ll frequently find yourself with both the dmg and elims gold medals 🙂

Step 3

Always have your defense matrix fully charged for a safe exit. Really never ever go into a frag situation without your matrix fully preapred as you will probably snag the kill and die right after without it.


DVA the mama chicken (Peeling)


This method is something I noticed many pro DVA players do. They tend to stay with their team’s “core” or back line (support players and other squishies) and “Scan” the battlefield while simultaneously defending their own team.

If you are just starting out with Dva you might not know how to properly defend your squishes and you might end up as a useless mama chicken. That’s why you should practice your peeling skills and always prioritize your own team’s safety over your enemies destruction.

To peel you just have to “ram” into the intruder trying to pick off your squishies using your boosters, occasionally you’ll have to use your defense matrix if the intruder is something like a junk rat or a Pharah.

After you “peel off” the intruder you should call him out and try to kill him before he runs back to his own team’s “core” and its relative safety.

As with any other skill practice makes perfect and you should actively juggle between your team’s protection and your enemies destruction.


DVA the Widow/Pharah solution 


If you have watched any overwatch league matches recently you could probably tell that most pro/high level matches are dictated by how good the widow is and at times 1-2 strategic picks can swing the outcome of a team fight.

That’s exactly why you should always dive the enemy widow and ignore all of my previous suggestions while doing it. Seriously for a DVA player a widow is the perfect Christmas present and DVA is widow’s hardest counter.

When it comes to Pharha you should simply preform the trinity combo which consists of your boosters,Micro missiles and normal fire and fly up to her. That should take her to around 30-50% health by that point she will probably flee or die by your hit scan players.


DVA The Dive Master


As you probably already know DVA and Winston are the 2 main components of the glorious dive comp, however most low rated players tend to pick dive comp just because they have seen pro players use it. That’s why you should always communicate with your fellow Winston and synchronize your engages.

If your Winston doesn’t want to communicate or doesn’t have a mic simply go with a passive approach and wait for him to engage first. Just make sure you go in together and you should be fine 🙂



Give yourself a pat on the back you have made it to the end of this guide! Most players don’t put this much effort into their game and I know you will rank up just fine 🙂

Hope you enjoyed this guide and I wish you the happiest of climbs!

Good luck!

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