The Best Keyboard For League Of Legends

If you have landed on this article you are probably a league player unsatisfied with your current keyboard. If this description accurately describes your current situation then you should read this article and pick the best keyboard for your needs.

As you probably already know unlike FPS games LoL is a game centered around the keyboard and the mouse. We all know the feeling of trying to execute a complex Ryze combo and failing just because our keyboard didn’t “respond” in time. It’s quite simple, the keyboard takes care of most of the player’s complex input and it is the only piece of hardware that can give you a true advantage over your competitors.

Now that we know why we should invest in a quality keyboard, we still have to go through 100’s of options and pick out the best 🙁 That’s where I come in! I have tested dozens of keyboards and played countless custom games as well as ranked games and have come up with the ultimate list of the best gaming keyboards for League of legends. Read below to find out more!


Corsair K70 Lux

I have originally picked up the K70 Lux because I have seen Faker using it in worlds. My logic was if this keyboard is good enough for the best player in the world it’s good enough for me. When I first opened the keyboard I was surprised by how well built it was. From its beautiful aircraft-grade anodized brushed aluminum frame to the almost silent cherry MX switches. The K70 is the best keyboard I have ever tested. Corsair K70 Lux

The K70 Lux comes in the first place because of two reasons. The first is faker is using it and the second it is probably the most luxurious well made keyboard I have ever tested. Another plus is that the keyboard comes with a keycap set you can apply to the Q,W,E,R or A,W,S,D for fps games and get some additional grip.



Build Quality

The K70 Lux is made from aircraft-grade aluminum and features a very high quality grip in strategic places such as the space bar and wrist rest. It also features media control options like an intuitive volume slider and video controls.

Wrist Rest

One of my personal deal breakers when it comes to MOBA keyboards is whether the keyboard comes with a wrist rest or not. Fortunately, the K70 Lux comes with one of most comfortable game enhancing wrist rests I have ever used and I absolutely love the extra comfort when stuck in a painfully long game.

Switches/gaming performance

The cherry MX switches inside the K70 are among the best switches in the market. As I have mentioned before they are almost silent which is a big plus for communication. In addition, the switches are super responsive, in fact, the keyboard features 100% Anti-ghosting with 104 key rollover! That’s incredible! And the highest rollover I have ever seen. 100% Ghosting across 104 Keys is a lot more than you need and you will never fail to execute a combo just because your keyboard failed.



The K70 Lux is one of the most expensive keyboards I have ever used and I don’t recommend it to those of you who are just starting out in the gaming world and are not sure if they are willing to invest this much in a gaming keyboard.


Blackwidow Ultimate 

Even though the K70-Lux takes my first place the Blackwidow ultimate is a legendary keyboard and considered by many as the mother of all modern mechanical gaming keyboards. The Blackwidow ultimate is known for its iconic sound and for being used by some of the worlds best players including faker (Up to the point he switched his sponsorship).Blackwidow Ultimate 

My very first keyboard was the older version of the Blackwidow ultimate and I immediately replaced it once the 2016 version came out.

I believe the K70-Lux has a slight advantage but I still really like how smooth the Blackwidow’s switches and just how responsive and straightforward the black widow ultimate is.

To put it simply, the Blackwidow ultimate is the Mercedes of the gaming keyboard world and the K70-Lux is the Rolls Royce. I highly recommend the Blackwidow to everyone who cares about a gorgeous design and prefers smoother switches for faster gameplay.



Switches/Gaming Performance 

The Blackwidow ultimate is one of the most popular gaming keyboards in the world for a good reason, the legendary Razer switches and their iconic sound are straight up addicting to use! I don’t need to mention the great anti-ghosting capabilities the Blackwidow has pioneered. All in all the Blackwidow ultimate won’t fail you when it comes to fast paced League gameplay and it is yet to fail me.


Razer is the Apple of the gaming peripheral market and their designs are out of this world. The Blackwidow ultimate is one of the prime examples of this statement and I personally believe the Blackwidow ultimate is the most beautiful keyboard in history. The grip/matte black finish is beautiful! And that’s without mentioning the iconic Razer lightning and gorgeous chassis that proves that the Blackwidow ultimate is a work of art! Just look at the picture to the right and you will instantly get it 🙂

Razer Synapse

Razer Synapse is the best gaming gear software I have ever tried and I love how easy it is to customize everything in your setup.




The iconic Blackwidow clicky sound can be either a pro for some or a con for others. I really like it but I know some people like to game in complete silence so I just brought up the fact that some of you may not like the clicky sound of the Blackwidow and I urge you to ask yourself whether you want a quiet keyboard or a loud one like the Blackwidow ultimate.


Logitech G910 – Best for platinum and above

Logitech products are the number one choice of most pro gamers, and the G910 is their best keyboard to date. The G910 is the best keyboard on my list when it comes to responsiveness and functionality.Logitech G910

The G910 features the ultra-fast Romer-G mechanical switches and 100% anti-ghosting across 113 keys! In addition to the incredible performance, the G910 has a dedicated “Hub” for your Android or IOS smartphone so you can monitor your PC’s vitals or see in-game stats with applications such as Lolsumo with ease.

As I have mentioned before, the G910 is the best keyboard for very high level players (Think platinum and above) and I highly recommend it to those of you who don’t want to compromise on speed and need every MS advantage you can get.



As I have mentioned before the G910 is ultra-fast and the Romer-G mechanical switches will allow you to dodge skill shots or execute complex combos in a split of a second. In my opinion, the G910 is the best keyboard on the list when it comes to responsiveness.

Smartphone Hub

The G910 features a convenient smartphone hub that will allow you to use various LoL live statistics applications or even the Logitech arx app. Of course, you can use your smartphone without this dedicated hub but it will make it more convenient and allow you to get all the information you need just by tilting your head a few degrees.


As I have mentioned before the G910 features anti-ghosting technology across 113 keys, meaning you can press up to 113 keys simultaneously and they will all be registered! You physically can’t press this many keys at once with your fingers but it’s a nice plus to know that all of your keys will be registered no matter how fast you are.

RGB Lightning

The RGB lightning on the G910 is not just for show. All the keys on the G910 can be assigned to specific spells or items and allow for an extra layer of “awareness”

Build quality/Design

Probably the biggest pro is just how well the G910 is built. The G910 features 2 ergonomic palm rests, extra large key caps and most importantly a chassis built to perfection. The combination of all of these features allows for a seamless gaming experience.



As I have mentioned before the G910 is a very flashy keyboard and the light show may be a little bit too much for some people.



Now you have a good idea of some of the best keyboards in the world and what they excel at.

I hope this list steered you in the right direction on your shopping journey and that you can now make an informed decision!

Thanks for reading and good luck in the rift!

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