What is the Best Kontrol Freek For PS4?

Kontrol Freek is the most popular Controller Grip manufacturer in the world and you are probably here trying to find out what is the best PlayStation 4 Thumb grips by Kontrol Freek.

I have purchased every Kontrol Freek thumb grip available and to be completely honest with you most Kontrol Freek’s are pretty much the same. With that being said the little silicone “engravings” on each one of them do make a difference.

And I prefer different thumb grips for different games. In this article I will go over some of my favorite games and my preferred Kontrol Freek thumb grips to play them.

So without further ado lets dive right into the article!

Best Overall – Kontrol Freek Overwatch edition

The Overwatch edition thumb grips are one of the latest products by Kontrol Freek and my number one choice for most PS4 games. I have recently played games like Street Fighter 5, GTA V, Call of duty WWII, Destiny 2, Fortnite and Overwatch and I found that these thumbsticks fit most of them just fine.kontrol freek Ow

Sure they aren’t the “Best” when it comes to one specific games apart from Overwatch but they do get the job done and I really like using them when I don’t feel like constantly changing my thumb grips.

Most Kontrol Freeks are generally the same with the exception of the logo on top of the grip and the dome shape (concave or convex) The Overwatch Logo provides 3 points of contact which perfectly wrap your thumbs. Most other Kontrol Freek’s provide too much or too little grip when it comes to general gaming.

In conclusion the Overwatch Kontorl Freek’s are the perfect choice for those of you looking for a multi-game thumbstick and play Overwatch often.

Best Kontrol Freeks for Fortnite – GAMERPACK GALAXY

Fortnite is the biggest game in the world and I know many of you are here looking for the best Kontrol Freeks for Fortnite (Battle Royale in particular) Kontrol Freek have recently released their “perfect fit” Fortnite gamerpack.fortnite kontrol freeks

The thing with Kontrol Freek is some of their game thumb grip recommendations don’t always hit close to home. With that being said I am happy to announce that the gamerpack galaxy which includes the FPS Freek Galaxy and CQC editions is actually perferct for Fortnite and I really can feel a difference when playing Fortnite.

The other Kontrol Freeks don’t come close when it comes to Fortnite and I can’t play without my “gamerpack galaxy” when playing fortnite and any other 3rd person shooter.

Best For The Call Of Duty Franchise – COD Heritage Edition

Kontrol Freek offers multiple Call of duty thumb grips for some of the recent COD games. I have tested all of them with multiple Cod games cod kontrol freeksincluding Black ops 3, Modern Warfare and WWII and I can tell you that the best Kontrol Freek’s for the call of duty franchise are the Call Of Duty Heritage Edition.

These thumb grips feature the traditional concave domes and a beautiful 5 pointed star “silicone engraving” That silicone engraving is perfect for quick and slow aiming (Sniper and assault aiming) The other Kontrol Freek’s simply do not feature that perfect amount of grip and I think the COD heritage edition are the perfect choice for All Call of duty games.

Highly recommended to all COD Gamers regardless of skill or COD game being played!

Best Kontrol Freeks For Overwatch – Overwatch Edition

The best Kontrol Freeks for Overwatch are the Overwatch edition thumb grips. The Overwatch thumb grips are also the winners of the “Best overall” thumb grips and they are my go to choice when using any Kontrol Freek.kontrol freek overwatch

As I have mentioned before the Overwatch Edition thumb grips provide the perfect amount of grip for almost any PS4 game and its espically evident when playing Overwatch a game with various heroes which require different amounts of grips.

I think the Kontrol Freek Overwatch edition thumb grips provide the perfect amount of grip for all OW heroes and I wouldn’t be surprised if you would start ranking up a little faster using them!

In conclusion the Overwatch Edition thumb grips are the perfect choice for Overwatch players and quite frankly any other PS4 Game out there!

Best Kontrol Freeks For Destiny 2 – Ghost Edition

Destiny 2 is one of my favorite PS4 games and one of the most aim intensive games on this list. That’s why I purchased my first Kontrol Freeks for Destiny 1, Destiny 2 is quite similar to the first one in terms of aim and when destiny 2 first came out I have used my old CQC Thumb grips.kontrol freek destiny 2

However when the special edition “Ghost” Thumb grips came out I was amazed by just how good they are for destiny 2. From their beautiful design to the four tactile bumps.

I am absolutely amazed by how good they are for Destiny’s unique gun play mechanics. The grips were made in collobaration with bungie and I can see why they are so popular among destiny 2 players.

Highly recommended for all destiny players regardless of skill level!


Kontrol freek is a great thumb grip manufacturer and the go to choice for many PS4 and Xbox pros. Getting a thumb grip can immensely improve your aim and quality of life while gaming. That’s why I highly encourage you to start with one of the thumb grips I mentioned above and add more and more thumb grips to your arsenal!I Hope you have learned something new and that you can now make an informed decision on your own!

Cya in the next one 🙂

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