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Darryle “Hamlinz” Hamlin is one of the most popular Fortnite streamers out there with over a million twitch.tv followers. Hamlinz is a full time streamer and is currently signed with Team SoloMid alongside seven other Fortnite stars. He is able to frequently place highly on the UMG Friday Fortnite series alongside his teammate, TSM Myth.

Hamlinz's Gear


BenQ XL2411Z


Logitech G703


Logitech G640 TSM Edition


Logitech G213


Logitech G Pro Gaming Headset

Mouse Settings

DPI: 700 Mouse ADS Sensitivity: 0.65
EDPI: ??? Mouse Scope Sensitivity: 0.65
Polling Rate: 1000Hz Gamepad ADS Sensitivity: 50
Mouse Sensitivity: 6 Gamepad Scope Sensitivity: 50
Controller Sensitivity X: 0.07 Toggle Sprint: OFF
Controller Sensitivity Y: 0.05 Reset Building Chice: ON

Display Settings

Window Mode: Fullscreen Textures: Low
Display Resolution: 1920 x 1080 Effects: Low
Frame Rate Limit: Unlimited Post Processing: Low
3D Resolution: 100% VSync: OFF
View Distance: Near Motion Blur: OFF
Shadows: OFF Show Grass: OFF
Anti-Aliasing: OFF Show FPS: ON

Equipment Analysis

While Logitech and Team SoloMid have a sponsor relationship, Hamlinz equipment line up is not solely based on the pressure from TSM. Many other TSM stars have the option to use other brands of equipment in addition to a small selection of Logitech equipment. Hamlinz complete Logitech line up shows he truly views their equipment as his first choice.

Hamlinz’s Monitor – The BenQ XL2411Z is one of the more affordable choices developed by BenQ. It has been specifically designed for gaming, and is relatively cheap compared to other monitors with a 144Hz refresh rate. This monitor is a solid choice for any gamer, you can expect great performance even without forking out too much money.

Hamlinz’s Mouse – Mouse wise, the Logitech G703 is on the lighter end compared to other gaming mouses. This allows for easier movement, especially on shooter games which require lightning fast reaction time. Being a wireless mouse, it enables a wider range of movement for the user. To help with the transition to a lightweight mouse, Logitech also offers a removable 10 gram weight.

Hamlinz’s Mousepad – Like all Team SoloMid players, they play and stream while using the Logitech G640 TSM Edition mousepad. The Logitech G640 TSM Edition is a large mousepad and consists of a rubber non slip bottom and cloth surface which has been engineered perfectly for Logitech mouses.

Hamlinz’s Keyboard – While it is not a mechanical keyboard, the Logitech G213 is classified as a mech dome keyboard. This translates to the keys having much faster response times in comparison to traditional keyboards. The mech dome keyboard by Logitech is a cheaper option that still has Logitech standards, very suitable for gamers.

Hamlinz’s Headset – The Logitech G Pro Gaming Headset is a reliable option for those wanting a quality gaming headset without expending too much money. It has comfortable ear cushions made from premium leather for comfort even after continuous hours of use. The headset is durable yet light, an ideal combination for any headphones / headset.

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