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Tyler “Ninja” Blevins is a Fortnite player and full time streamer playing for Luminosity Gaming. Tyler is one of the biggest streamers on twitch and has over 2.7M followers on his youtube channel. Tyler became famous thanks to his Professional halo career and being one of the best Fortnite players in the world.

Ninja's Gear


Alienware AW2518H


Logitech G502


HyperX Fury Pro XL


Zowie Crosair K70 RapidFire


Beyerdynamic dt 990 pro (250 Ohm)

Mouse Settings

DPI: 800 Mouse ADS Sensitivity: 50
EDPI: 880 Mouse Scope Sensitivity: 50
Polling Rate: 1000Hz Gamepad ADS Sensitivity: 50
Mouse Sensitivity: 6 Gamepad Scope Sensitivity: 50
Controller Sensitivity X: 50 Toggle Sprint: OFF
Controller Sensitivity Y: 50 Reset Building Chice: ON

Display Settings

Window Mode: Fullscreen Textures: Epic
Display Resolution: 1920 x 1080 Effects: Epic
Frame Rate Limit: Unlimited Post Processing: Low
3D Resolution: 100% VSync: OFF
View Distance: Epic Motion Blur: OFF
Shadows: OFF Show Grass: OFF
Anti-Aliasing: OFF Show FPS: ON

Equipment Analysis

Ninja’s Mouse – The G502 is probably the most popular gaming mouse among fortnite players and for a good reason! The G502 is one of few “Shooter” mice which comes with a lot of additional buttons (11 to be exact) The extra buttons are very useful for fortnite and Ninja is using them to bind his weapon slots and building slots so he can swap weapons faster and build with more efficiency.

Ninja’s Mousepad – Ninja chose the HyperX Fury Pro as his mousepad of choice. The Fury Pro is one of the most popular mouse pads in the gaming community and one of our personal favorites. The Fury pro is perfect for Fortnite as it offers a perfect balance between speed and control.

Ninja’s Keyboard – Ninja is using the Crosair K70 RapidFire as his keyboard of choice. This keyboard is one of the most expensive keyboards in the market and one of our personal favorites when it comes to MOBAs and FPS/TPS games. The K70 Rapid fire features MX Cherry switches, RGB Lightning an incredibly comfortable wrist rest and a well built chassis. In addition to all the great features, the K70 RapidFire is the most responsive keyboard we have ever tested and the perfect solution for those of you who are looking for that unfair advantage!

Ninja’s Headset – We always say that you should buy audiophile headphones instead of regular gaming headsets and this is the perfect proof that this statement is true. Ninja’s beyerdynamic DT-990 Pro is among the best headphones in the world and it blows any gaming headset out of the water when it comes to sound quality and how well you will hear footsteps and other sound cues in the battlefield. In addition to the incredible sound quality, the DT-990 is a lot more comfortable than almost all the gaming headsets in the market. We highly recommend it to those of you who are looking for the best of the best!

Ninja’s Monitor – Alienware are one of the most luxurious gaming brands in the world and offer some great products for a premium price. Ninja is using their flagship monitor the Alienware AW2518H as his monitor of choice and we are not surprised! The AW2518H features a 240Hz display great picture quality and of course the revolutionary G-Sync technology. You can find all of these features in other high-end monitors but you won’t find Alienware’s build quality or design. This is the perfect monitor for those of you who don’t mind paying a little extra for the “Cool” factor!

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