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Wraxu, a North American twitch streamer gained notoriety for his amazing mechanics as one of the best Hanzos in the game. He has been signed with Tempo storm and is currently part of their streaming talent since mid October of 2017. While he mains Hanzo, Wraxu also plays other DPS characters like Pharah and Reaper.

Wraxu's Gear




Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum


Zowie G-SR


Logitech RGB G910          


HyperX Cloud II

Mouse Settings

DPI 800 In-game Sensitivity 5
EDPI 4000 Zoom sensitivity 50
Polling Rate 1000 cm = 360 34.64

Video Settings

Resolution: 1920 x 1080
FOV: 103
Render Scale: 100%
Refresh Rate: 240Hz

Equipment Analysis

Tempostorm is not sponsored by any major gaming gear provider, as a result, Wraxu is not bound to use certain gaming apparel. That said, Wraxu does advertise Skytech Gaming and Secretlab products on his stream as they both support Tempostorm.

Wraxu’s Mouse – Wraxu’s mouse is extremely pricey, setting you back around $200. Coming with the high price tag is an extremely high performance product. This mouse is available in both a wired and wireless option, with the latter packing a 24 hour battery life normally, extending to 36 hours when the light is disabled. The Logitech RGB G910 is designed with 11 programmable buttons which can be adjusted through the Logitech software, with the physical buttons themselves also being available for customisation.

Wraxu’s Mousepad – The Zowie GS-R is very popular in the CS:GO scene and it’s one of the few mousepads you will see in the pro CS:GO scene. The GS-R works so well in CS:GO because of its high quality, Unique surface and fairly large size which allows for care free aiming. When it comes to Overwatch obviously the same applies and you can except a wonderful “gliding experience” with the Zowie GS-R.

Wraxu’s Keyboard – The Logitech RGB G910 is fairly unique looking keyboard with a very stylish design on the various keys. This keyboard is filled with extras such as extra buttons for dedicated media control to play, pause, mute and skip music. There are also 9 customisable keys for extra convenience. As expected of a premium product, the keys have been specifically designed to be highly responsive and durable to withstand continuous use.

Wraxu’s Headset – The HyperX Cloud II is one of the most popular gaming headsets in Overwatch league and we are definitely not surprised Wraxu chose the Cloud II as his weapon of choice!

Wraxu’s Monitor – The ASUS ROG PG258Q is a large 27 inch monitor with one of the highest pixel densities offered by any screen on the market, coming in at 2560 x 1440. The angle of the screen can be easily adjusted to fit any preference, designed to pivot, tilt, swivel, and move up and down. It also comes with ultra-blue light filters to minimise the impact on the user’s eyes, an essential feature for any gamer who are constantly exposed to the blue light


Crosshair settings

Type Circle & Crosshairs Center Gap 17
Show Accuracy OFF Opacity 47
Color Yellow Outline Opacity 100
Thickness 2 Dot Size 2
Crosshair Length 15 Dot Opacity 0

Player's Highlights

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