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Brandon “Seagull” Larned is a professional Overwatch player currently playing for the Dallas fuel in the Overwatch league. He is most well known for playing Genji,Pharha and Hanzo and is one of the most well known players in the league. Formerly a professional Team Fortress player Seagull is not a new comer to the gaming scene and is one of the most popular streamers on Twitch and an household name in the Overwatch community.


Seagull's Gear


BenQ XL2540


Logitech G: Pro Gaming Mouse


Logitech G640


Logitech G410


HyperX Cloud Revolver

Mouse Settings

DPI 1600 In-game Sensitivity 2.36
EDPI 3776 Zoom sensitivity 40
Polling Rate 500 cm = 360 36.691

Video Settings

Resolution: 1920 x 1080
FOV: 103
Render Scale: 100%
Refresh Rate: 240Hz

Equipment Analysis

Seagull’s Mouse – Seagull is using the Logitech G Pro Gaming mouse, The G-Series by Logitech is used by many top overwatch players and the “Pro gaming mouse” Is probably the best FPS mouse out of the bunch. Seagull is known for his incredible Hanzo accuracy and we believe that the “G Pro gaming mouse” has a lot to do with Seagull’s performance. The “Pro gaming mouse” is most efficient when using a claw grip.

Seagull’s Mousepad – Seagull uses yet another Logitech product as a mouse-pad. His weapon of choice is the popular “Logitech G640” cloth mouse pad. It is designed for low-dpi gaming and is one of the best mouse-pads in the market. We recommend the G640 for low DPI users (400-1600 dpi) which use a relativity low sensitivity in Overwatch (1-9).

Seagull’s Keyboard – Seagull uses the Logitech G410 for a keyboard, Logitech is known for being one of the worlds largest gaming peripherals manufacturers and the G410 is their best keyboard to date. The G410 is obviously a mechanical keyboard and is used by many Overwatch professionals. In our opinion the G410 is suitable for all overwatch players and recommend it to both beginners and pro gamers alike.

Seagull’s Headset – HyperX has risen to astronomical heights in recent years. Their rise has a lot to do with their extremely popular head-set line. Seagull joined the HyperX movement and chose the “HyperX cloud revolver” as his weapon of choice. The cloud revolver features a great microphone and some great sound quality which will aid you both in your battles and when casually listening to music.

Seagull’s Monitor – Seagull uses the BenQ XL2540 240Hz monitor, BenQ is dominating the gaming monitor market and almost all pro gamers use either a BenQ monitor or a Zowie (owned by BenQ) monitor. The XL2540 features a very high refresh rate of 240Hz meaning you can feel the difference even at 240 FPS. We recommend the XL2540 if your computer is capable of running Overwatch at a consistent 240 FPS per second.



Crosshair settings

Type Circle and crosshairs Center Gap 10
Show Accuracy OFF Opacity 100
Color Neon Green Outline Opacity 100
Thickness 1 Dot Size 2
Crosshair Length 0 Dot Opacity 0

Player's Highlights

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