CS:GO To Overwatch Sensitivity Calculator

Copy the exact Overwatch settings of:

Copy the exact CS:GO settings of:

CS:GO and Overwatch are two of the biggest shooters around and many CS:GO and Overwatch players constantly jump between the two games. That’s why we have created the first dedicated CS:GO to Overwatch Sensitivity Calculator/Converter which works both ways!

Now you can transform your CS:GO Sensitivity into Overwatch sensitivity and vice versa! All you need to do is insert your CS:GO or Overwatch sensitivity and get the other games sensitivity which will mimic the exact sensitivity you are currently playing with in either Overwatch or CS:GO.

In addition to all of those benefits you will now finally build a consistent muscle memory  across Overwatch and CS:GO! Make sure you are also using the same sensitivity in other games so you only use one “sensitivity settings” across different games and develop a pro-like muscle memory!

We even took CS:GO’s “Zoom sensitivity” and Overwatch’s “Scope sensitivity into consideration and you can now enjoy the same sensitivity playing with your AWP, Widowmaker and any other scoped gun or hero!

If you enjoyed using this calculator and would like to convert your Overwatch Sensitivity into Fortnite sensitivity you can check out our dedicated calculator here or keep browsing Gearbroz for more tips, tricks and gear/strategy guides.

To conclude we would like to thank you for using our senstitvty calculator and wish you good luck on the battlefield!


  • Please note that this calculator will only work if you use the same resolution and DPI across both games
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