The short answer: Eat fish.

As you probably already know Atlas is a very complex game and its vitamin system can get frustrating really fast if you don’t know what to look for.

From my own personal experience all the vitamins in Atlas are pretty easy to get (Meat for vitamin B and fruit/vegetables for the others)

With that being said Vitamin D or “The blue vitamin” as it is commonly referred as is quite elusive. As I have mentioned before you simply need to eat fish to increase your vitamin D Levels.

To catch fish you can either:

#1 Kill them using a spear/Fists or any other weapon.

#2 Fishing

The first way to get those fish is pretty self explanatory just kill those fish and cook them (You can also eat them raw and lose a little health)

The second way which is fishing will yield a lot more fish. To start fishing you’ll need

  • A Chair
  • A Rod
  • A body of water

once you have your chair placed next to a body of water and a rod in hand you can start catching fish.

And that’s it, that’s my guide for how to get vitamin D in Atlas!

Good luck!

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