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With its Brown Switches, ABS Keycaps and incredible responsiveness the Velocifire Vm01 is the perfect solution for the performance orientated gamer.

Velocifire Vm01 Review: Brown Switches For Every Budget 

If you have landed on this article you are probably coming from amazon and wonder if you should purchase the velocifire Vm01. If that’s you then you have come to the right place! I have used this keyboard among many others in the last couple of years and I can tell you all about it including its strengths and weaknesses!

So without further ado lets dive right into the review!


Is it worth it?

The first question you might ask yourself is: Is it worth it? The short answer is a definite yes! The long answer is a little more complicated than that.Velocifire Vm01_2

To start I would like to note that the Velocifire Vm01 is the cheapest keyboard which incorporates brown switches. If you don’t already know brown switches are made by the company Cherry and their MX switch series have become one of the staples of every premium mechanical keyboard in the world. In fact some of the best gaming keyboards in the world use MX Switches and even the Black widow ultimate stealth incorporates Brown MX Switches.

The Cherry MX Brown switches are known for their reliability and that iconic mechanical “clicky” feeling without the click sound.

I was very skeptic when I first saw this keyboard on the internet and I was sure something must be wrong with it. In my mind a keyboard this cheap can’t have the same features as some of the most premium keyboards in the market without any drawbacks. Any you know what I was right! The damn switches are not original cherry MX switches! 

with that being said they do preform just as good as other original Cherry MX switches and I personally couldn’t tell the difference even years after the first use.

That’s why I always recommend this keyboard to those of you who are looking for a budget friendly mechanical keyboard without paying for brand names.


Build Quality

As I have mentioned before I was a big skeptic when it came to the Velocifire Vm01. And the first thing I was paying attention to when first opening my brand new Vm01 was any imperfections in the build quality. To my surprise I didn’t find any and I was quite happy with the ABS keycaps and the overall build quality of the keyboard.

With that being said I was quite disappointed by the “plasticy” feeling of the chassis, However that is to be expected in keyboards at this price range (See lowest price) and I can’t really complain.


Gaming Performance

As you already know I am an avid Fortntie and Lol player and I always test my keyboards and other gaming peripherals playing these games among others for 100’s of hours!

I usually mention every imperfection no matter how small but I can’t really complain about everything with this keyboard. Playing Lol the keyboard is very responsive and remains in place no matter how hectic I become. The Q,W,E and R keys feel incredible and even though the brown switches aren’t original Cherry switches I can’t tell the difference.

When playing Fortntie I can easily navigate around the map with ease and evade death defying shots. The Velocifire Vm01 also excels when it comes to building and I find myself preforming just as well as I do with my Blackwidow ultimate.

With all of that being said the main selling point for me is the rather quiet sound which enables me to communicate without getting the occasional “dude please mute yourself” comment 🙁



Coming from its biggest strength we are now going to go over its main weakness. Its design.

As you can tell by looking at it the Velocifire Vm01 isn’t a bombshell. Its chassis is simple the font isn’t very “gamer like” and I am not a big fan of this keyboard when it comes to the looks department.

Some of my friends even compared the Velocifire Vm01 to some of these old Logitech keyboards from the early 2000’s.

with that being said I can’t really complain and I admire Velocifire for compromising on design and focusing all of their budget on performance.


Special Features

I hate sounding like a broken record by I didn’t expect any special features from a keyboard this cheap. That’s why I was amazed when I heard the keyboard supports anti-ghosting! If brown switches were not enough you now also get anti-ghosting for a fraction of the price (See lowest price) of a “normally priced” mechanical keyboard.

For those of you who don’t know Anti-Ghosting means that your keyboard can be pressed simultaneously without any issues. Most keyboards are limited to 3 key anti ghosting and the extra keys on the Velocifire Vm01 means you will never fail a Ryze combo or a fast Fortntie build just because you accidentally pressed two many buttons.



The Velocifire Vm01 is the ultimate weapon for those of you looking for the ultimate preformer and don’t really care about fancy designs and brand names.


Choose The Velocifire Vm01 If

You are looking for a performance originated keyboard and don’t really care about design. (See Lowest price)


Don’t Choose The Velocifire Vm01 If

You don’t like the Velocifire Vm01’s design.


I hope you enjoyed my review of the Velocifire Vm01 and that you can now make an informed decision! Good luck with everything that you do and Happy gaming!


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