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LolTyler1 or Tyler1 is a one of the most popular League of legends personalities in the world. Tyler1 frequently streams on popular streaming site twitch.tv and attracts tens of thousands of viewers thanks to his bubbly personality and humorist take on League of legends. Tyler1 is a social media star and has gathered north of 800 thousand subscribers on his YouTube channel. He is also very popular on Facebook and Twitter and is one of the most entertaining streamers out there.

Tyler1's Gear


BenQ XL2430T


Logitech M100


reformed-mousemat (XL)


Razer BlackWdiow Ultimate


Logitech G430

Mouse Settings

DPI 800 Mouse Speed 50
EDPI 400 Camera Move Speed (Mouse) 50
Polling Rate ? Camera Move Speed (Keyboard) 50
Windows sensitivity 6

Video Settings

Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Character Quality: High
Effects Quality: HIgh
 Environment Quality: HIgh
 Shadows:  Low

Equipment Analysis

Tyler1’s Mouse – Tyler1 is one of the few League of legeneds players playing with a low-end mouse. The Logitech M100 can be found in offices and schools around the world and is not often used by professional gamers or even casual gamers. However, if we would have to pick a low-end mouse to play with, the M100 would be our first choice as it is one of the best mice in its respective price category.

Tyler1’s Mousepad – Tyler is using his own “reformed” XL mouse pad. The mousepad is made just like any other extended mouse pad and its the perfect choice for every Tyler1 fan.

Tyler1’s Keyboard – Tyler1 is using one of the best gaming keyboards in history, the legendary Blackwidow ultimate. The BlackWidow is one of the first truly mechanical gaming keyboards in the world and is regarded by many as the best FPS keyboard in history. The Black Widow has recently gained massive traction in the MOBA community around the world and you can see many of the world’s best players using it on a professional level.

Tyler1’s Headset – Tyler1 is famously using the iconic Logitech G430 as his headset. The high quality sound you hear on Tyler1’s streams is powered by the G430. Logitech is the biggest peripheral manfacturer in the world and we are not surprised Tyler1 settled for nothing less than the best. We highly recommend the G430 to anyone who is interested in streaming his own gameplay or simply sounding better in the team chat.

Tyler1’s Monitor – Tyler’s monitor of choice is the king of the gaming monitor market, the BenQ XL2430T. The XL2430T is used by almost all pro gamers regardless of genre and we are not surprised Tyler is using this monitor to play on a high level. If you have read some of the other profiles in our database you would know we always recommend the BenQ XL2430T to our readers and we would always stand by that recommendation.


Interface settings

HUD Scale: 35
Chat Scale: 50
Minimap Scale: 90

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