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Marcus “Dyrus” Hill is one of the most popular League Of Legends personalities in the world and among the most viewed streamers on twitch.tv. TSM Dyrus started playing LoL since its beta and has become one of the game’s best top laners in history. Dyrus has recently quit his “Professional” playing professionally and has become a full time streamer.

Dyrus Gear


BenQ XL2430T


Logitech G500s


TSM Grunge Mousepad


Logitech G710+


Logitech G35 

Mouse Settings

DPI 3200 Mouse Speed 70
EDPI 2240 Camera Move Speed (Mouse) 50
Polling Rate 1000 Camera Move Speed (Keyboard) 50
Windows sensitivity 6

Video Settings

Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Character Quality: Low
Effects Quality: Low
 Environment Quality: Low
 Shadows:  OFF 

Equipment Analysis

Dyrus Mouse – Dyrus is using the Logitech G500s as his weapon of choice, the G500s is one of logitech’s staple products and probably their most reliable, durable mouse to date. The G series is known as one of the best product lines in the gaming world especially when it comes to MOBAs, and the G500s is one of our personal favorites. We are not surprised Dyrus is using it on such a high level of play and we highly encourage you to get a Logitech mouse as well.

Dyrus Mousepad – Dyrus is using his own team’s mouse pad, The TSM Grunge Mousepad gets the job done in style and can be used at the highest levels of competition. We highly recommend it to all of you TSM fans out there!

Dyrus Keyboard – Dyrus is using one of Logitech’s most premium keyboards in history. The G710+ is probably the most responsive keyboard we have ever tested. In our personal opinion, the G710+ is even better than the Blackwidow ultimate when it comes to MOBAs. Dyrus proves our point and he shows us that the G710+ can be utilized at the highest level of play.

Dyrus Headset – The G35 is yet another ultra high-end product by Logitech. Sure it’s not cheap but it is one of the best gaming headsets in history and features the best Microphone we have encountered on a gaming headset. We highly encourage the G35 to those of you who identify as audiophiles as well as gamers.

Dyrus Monitor – To be honest we are surprised by how many pros use the XL2430T it seems that a BenQ monitor and especially the XL2430T is a job requirement for professional gamers. We personally own a XL2430T and we also feel its the most suitable monitor for intense gaming.


Interface settings

HUD Scale: 50
Chat Scale: 90
Minimap Scale: 60

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