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The Tecknet Gryphon is one of the best budget friendly keyboards In the market and its price to performance ratio is absolutely ridiculous. Overall the Gryphon is one of the finest budget friendly pieces of hardware I have ever tested and I highly recommend it.

Tecknet Gryphon Review

If you have landed on this article you are probably a UK gamer looking for a quality budget friendly keyboard and came out to find if the Tecknet Gryphon is any good.

The short answer to that question is an absoulte yes! With that being the long answer is a little more complicated and I do have some concerns when it comes to the Gryphon.

I highly recommend you to read the rest of this article to find out if the Tecknet Gryphon Review is the right keyboard for you!


Gaming Performance 

When I purchased the Tecknet Gryphon I honestly didn’t have any high expectations since its price is so low (See lowest price).

However when the keyboard arrived at my door a few days later I was amazed by how good it feels to touch and how responsive it is when gaming.

Personally I am an avid League of legends and Fortnite player and I am completely satisfied by the Q,W,E,R keys and just the overall quality when playing different games.

Sure the Tecknet Gryphon is not a fancy Razer keyboard but it does the job just fine!

With that being said the Keyboard does feel a little “plasticy” to touch and may not be up everyone’s alley, However that factor doesn’t affect gameplay and for the price I don’t think you will find anything better!


Special Features

As I have mentioned before the Tecknet Gryphon is a very cheap keyboard and I honestly didn’t expect any “special features” such as Anti-ghosting or any programmable keys. To my surprise the Gryphon actually features 19 key Anti-Ghosting and 10 programmable keys!

It also has some other quality of life features such as a dedicated “game mode” that will protect you from those annoying times at which you accidentally press the windows button and lose your important match.

The one feature I did expect was the 3 mode LED lightning which backlits the keyboard in 3 different colors: Red,Purple and Blue

All in all the Tecknet Gryphon was a pleasant surprise and I was shocked by its functionality despite the low price (See lowest price).


Design/Build Quality

The Build quality is actually the only department the Gryphon lacks at. However you cannot expect such a low priced keyboard to be built out of gold and when I compare it to other keyboards in the same price range the Tecknet Gryphon actually comes out on top. I am also happy the keyboard doesn’t move when playing and that if feels like the center of my setup.

Now that we got the negative stuff out of the way I can finally tell you about the Gryphon’s main strong point. That strong point is the Gryphon’s ergonomic design and just how comfortable it is for long gaming sessions.

Previously I played on a more expensive gaming keyboard which didn’t feature an ergonomic design and after a few months my wrists really started hurting. That’s why I switched to the Gryphon and suddenly all of these problems started going away! My wrists are better now and my “skill” is better thanks to the added comfort!

The Tecknet Gryphon is built with ergonomics in mind and you can tell just by looking at it that it has two little carved spots that were designed to support your wrists.

When it comes to visual design the Tecknet Gryphon is also going strong and I really love the way its chassis looks, the 3 LED Lightning modes and the the little “Gryphon” media control button.


A year after

Just like with any of my other reviews I like ending them with my personal experience with the product and what happens to it a year after I first start using it.

This post is no exception and it has been 11 months since I first got the Tecknet Gryphon.

My exprience has been an absolute pleasure! as you probably know most keyboards don’t have a very long life span and I honestly didn’t expect the Tecknet Gryphon to last more the 6-8 months, to my surprise the Gryphon’s simplicity and lightweight design actually makes for a very sturdy keyboard and except for some minor scratches the Gryphon is not damaged at all!

With that being said after using the Tecknet Gryphon for so long I did find its performance a little underwhelming when playing star craft 2. And i wouldn’t recommend it to all of you RTS players out there, from my experience the high amount of keystrokes can wear and tear cheaper keyboards and I would personally stay away from high ranked play in SC2 unless you own a very high end keyboard to begin with.

With that being said Star craft 2 was the only game that gave me problems and to be honest start craft 2 can be a very demanding game on almost any keyboard regardless of price.

Overall I am very happy with my purchase and I think the Tecknet Gryphon is a must have for any gamer on a tight budget!


Get The Tecknet Gryphon If

  • You are looking for one of the best budget friendly keyboards in the market
  • You are playing games such as: Fortnite, Call of duty, Lol and Dota 2

Don’t Get The Tecknet Gryphon If

  • You are an avid RTS player



The Tecknet Gryphon is one of the most popular keyboards in the UK for a reason. Its extremely low price (See Lowest price) incredible gaming performance and beautiful design makes it a must have for the budget conscience gamer.


Thanks for reading this article, I hope I helped you come to an informed decision! Good luck in everything that you do and happy gaming 🙂


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