The perfect chair (except for the wheels)
  • Price
  • Design
  • Comfort
  • Caster Wheels

Swap the wheels and you are golden.

The Corsair T1 Race gaming chair is the best mid tier gaming chair I have tested when it comes to performance, design and overall build quality with one major downside which is the horrible casters. Get it with a standard plastic wheel set and you will love it as much as I do. 


When I think about Corsair I think about their incredible keyboards, their headset line and the time I built my first system.

With that being said I have never associated Corsair with gaming chairs and I didn’t even know Corsair made gaming chairs before I bought my own T1 race gaming chair for this review. That’s why I am so excited to tell you about my experiences with the chair and I hope it will help you come to a more informed decision.

When you first open the package you will be greeted with all the chair parts

A manual and your standard chair assembly tool. The assembly took me 30 minutes and I think it should take you 30-40 minutes too.

Overall the instructions were clear concise and to the point. and i am very satisfied with the assembly process as a whole.


This is where The Corsair t1 Race Chair shines. From its great build quality to its beautiful design the Corsair t1 looks and feels great.

The great comfort and design come at a premium price (See Lowest Price) and I would generally not recommend a chair this expensive if you are in the market for a temporary chair or if you are not looking for an extra large chair such as the Corsair T1.

Corsair T1 Tilt function in action

As a 210 pound man I can’t tell you how many times I was disappointed by DX Racers, Noble Chairs and even Maxnomic chairs which were just too small or couldn’t support my weight without moving too much.

That’s why I highly recommend this chair to people who will actually utilize the large size and frame of this chair to its full potential.

If you are on the lighter side I would highly recommend you to look at anything by DX Racer or Maxnomic.


This section is usually loaded when it comes to gaming mice or keyboards which are usually loaded with special gimmicky features, but when it comes to chairs its just not the case.

The Corsair T1 Race gaming chair is height adjustable, it has your normal tilt function and tilt lock handle and its only special features which are worth noting are the arm-rests which can be move in 4 different directions and the Nylon caster wheels.

As for the arm-rests they are great you can easily custom their position to your liking and position them up or down and even left and right which will allow for a much more comfortable gaming experience.

When it comes to the caster wheels that’s a whole different story and I will share my opinions of it in the next section.

The Bad

The Corsair T1 has many things going for it, its affordable its a high performer and it comes from one of the biggest most beloved brands in the gaming community. With that being said the special nylon caster wheels are definitely the T1’s downfall.

The Corsair T1’s Caster wheels

They are flimsy, they fell “light” and most importantly they just glide way too much which makes your sitting experience feel more like sailing on a raft.

To add to the entire list of horrible things I had to say about the casters you can find many people online complaining about the casters breaking!

When I purchased the T1 for this review I was sure all the online amazon reviews are non sense. I told myself it wasn’t possible that wheels which are more expensive and are widely regarded as better wheels then your standard plastic wheels will perform better.

But I was shocked and found out that all the users online were right the T1’s caster wheels are truly that horrible.

With all of that being said the Corsair T1 is still my favorite gaming chair for one reason I swapped the caster wheels with normal plastic wheels which cost 10$ on Amazon and I was set all of the chairs problems were vanquished and all I was left with is the most cost effective chair I have ever owned.

Pick the Corsair t1 Race Gaming Chair if:

You are looking for the most cost effective chair in the market (if you replace the caster wheels)

Don’t pick the Corsair t1 Race Gaming Chair if:

You are on the lighter side don’t need all of that extra support or if you don’t want to replace the caster wheels


The Corsair T1 Gaming chair surprised me on a few levels from its incredible performance to the horrible wheels you will quite literally go for a ride when you first try the T1 for yourself. But when you remove the casters and replace them with your normal plastic wheels all of its problems just go away and all you are left with is the best gaming chair in the mid tier price category.

To put it simply you won’t get a better chair at this price period. (If you swap the wheels)

Thanks for reading my review! I hope you can now make a more informed decision and as always have a great day and an even better gaming day!

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