Overwatch has taken the gaming world by storm. From its release back in the summer of 2016, it has quickly racked up well over 30 million copies sold and continues to boast a high player base looking to compete at the highest level in this fast-paced first person shooter.

The barrier to entry with Overwatch is pretty low, as all you really need is a decent computer and a basic mouse and keyboard, but what if you want to truly take your game to the next level? Having quality peripherals is an important part of elevating your matches from that of an amateur to a pro, and we’ve collected some contenders for the best gaming mouse for Overwatch. With these new tools at your disposal, you’ll be able to capture the point in Oasis or escort the payload in Junkertown with ease.

Our Top 5 Gaming Mice For Overwatch – 2019 (Updated)

Because the “best” mouse is often a personal preference, we’ve listed some of the top Overwatch gaming mice around that will be sure to suit your needs in several different categories. They vary in terms of features and price, so choose which model you think will work best for you.

NameMax DPISensor Buttons
Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum (Editor's Choice)12,000PMW336611 Check Price
EUASOO Z-79004,000Avago14 Check Price
Razer DeathAdder Chroma (Editor's Choice)10,000Avago S39895 Check Price
Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum12,000PMW336611 Check Price
ROCCAT Kova7,000Pro-Optic R610 Check Price

Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum – Best Overall Performer

The Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum has it all and is a very popular choice among pro Overwatch players.

Most notable among the features is the “on-the-fly” DPI shifting. As mentioned above, being able to adjust your mouse sensitivity at will in order to fit your current needs is a must in any sort of first person shooter — but doubly so with Overwatch, due to how many different weapon types you’ll find yourself with. Whether it’s a channeled lightning gun with Winston, a hitscan hero like Soldier 76, or a projectile character like Pharah, each necessitates different settings you can swap to in the heat of the moment to assure your aim is always on point. 

The Advanced optical gaming sensor that tracks your mouse movement helps make sure your movements are registered correctly and gives you the confidence that your mouse will do what you intend it to each and every time.

Also worth mentioning are the included weights that can be moved around the body of the mouse at will in order to achieve optimal balance that suits your playstyle. Logitech also includes a unique program that allows you to program macros to the 11 customizable keys. While this may not be important in a first person shooter like Overwatch that only has a few different controls, the ability to rebind buttons to suit your needs is applicable across a number of different titles.

Add to these features the thousands of positive reviews on Amazon as well as a label as “Amazon’s Choice,” and it’s easy to see why the Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum is one of our top picks for the best Overwatch gaming mouse.

EUASOO Z-7900 – Best Budget Buy

EUASOO Z-7900 Mouse

While the Overwatch Gaming mice that many professionals use can get seriously expensive, there’s no reason you have to break the bank to get a solid performer that will suit the needs of the average Overwatch gamer just fine. For a very affordable price (see lowest price), you can get a new mouse with similar features to the Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum, giving you a low barrier of entry when it comes to upping your game.

Like the Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum, the EUASOO Z-7900 includes a special switch that you can use to swap between DPI settings. There are also several included weights, although the ones included with this model aren’t quite as heavy as that of the Logitech; the mouse will be quite hefty with all of the weights added in, but if you’re looking for a truly heavy mouse you may have to drop a little more money.

The main difference between the EUASOO model and the more expensive Logitech is that the Z-7900 maxes out at 4000 DPI compared to a setting up to 12000 with Logitech. As mentioned above, however, higher DPI settings don’t always mean better, and the majority of pro gamers actually play with a relatively low setting.

The Z-7900 features 13 programmable buttons, and over 16 million LED color options. As far as the actual usage of the mouse goes, the EUASOO ships with high-quality, smooth TEFLON feet pads and contour body that provide the ultimate gaming control.

While some may be hesitant to purchase from a brand that they don’t recognize, rest assured that the mouse has a number of great reviews on Amazon. Plus, if it turns out you’re not happy with the purchase, you’ve only spent a small amount of money. Overall, the EUASOO Z-7900 comes highly recommended for those looking for optimal performance while on a budget.

Razer DeathAdder Chroma – Best Luxury Buy

This mouse is a little on the pricey side (see lowest price), but it’s also one of the most popular Overwatch mice around — and for good reason. The DeathAdder Chroma is one of Razer’s high-end products and the mouse should last for years with pretty regular use. If you buy a cheap mouse and really abuse it through a number of particularly stressful ranked games, you may end up spending more over time by replacing your mouse over and over. With the purchase of the DeathAdder Chroma, you’ll enjoy a high-end Overwatch mouse for years to come.

While the DeathAdder Chroma lacks the huge amount of buttons present on the previous models, the fact remains that you don’t really need those for Overwatch. With just a few bindings and many of them easily accessible on the keyboard by default, we feel that it’s better to prioritize the quality of the mouse itself. 

One drawback to the DeathAdder Chroma is that it doesn’t include a DPI adjustment button by default. You can, however, use the sophisticated Razer Synapse program to bind one of the two side buttons to adjust DPI on the fly. By binding one button to DPI up and the other to DPI down, you’ll be able to quickly cycle through a range of sensitivities to find the setting that you need for that killer headshot.

Razer Synapse also includes a sophisticated mapping program that lets you review your mouse movements and analyze them to better understand where you can improve. The actual utility of this particular feature is questionable, but it is a cool perk to have and adds to the high-tech feel of the DeathAdder Chroma.

A rather unique feature that might be useful for those who require their mouse to respond to the slightest movement is the Z-axis tracking. Basically, DeathAdder Chroma has the ability to stop tracking when you move the mouse even just 1 mm above the mousepad, giving you the precision you need to control your mouse exactly as you please.

Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum – Best Wireless Mouse

The gaming community is generally very opinionated when it comes to the topic of wireless mice. While having a wireless mouse is convenient, they’ve previously suffered from reliability issues and can quickly turn an Overwatch match sour if you happen to disconnect in the middle of an important fight. If you’re willing to drop a little extra money (see lowest price), however, you can enjoy the premium performance of the Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum that allows you to seamlessly transition between a wired and wireless setup.

While you won’t often have your mouse die with the 32 hour battery life, it’s nice to have the option to quickly get back up to speed and assist the rest of your team rather than ending up (literally) dead weight. Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum

The wireless mode is also just as reliable in terms of performance when compared to the wired mode, using Logitech’s advanced high-definition optical sensor for accurate tracking that will match your movements seamlessly.

Logitech Gaming Software is similar to the Razer Synapse in that it allows you to customize pretty much anything about your new mouse. Bind any of the 11 keys to suit your needs, adjust DPI settings across different profiles, and even control your favorite tunes with media keys while fighting off attackers on Numbani.

Overall, the Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum is a top-of-the-line model that will make you rethink the philosophy that wireless mice are somehow inferior.

ROCCAT Kova – Best For Lefties

While the right-handed among us generally have our pick when it comes to the best Overwatch gaming mouse, Left-handed gamers are often pushed to the wayside due to the fact that they aren’t as large of a market. There are, however, several options for Lefties that will keep them on a level playing field when it comes to playing Overwatch like a pro – one of which is the ROCCAT Kova Pure Performance Gaming Mouse.

The most interesting thing about the ROCCAT Kova outside of the ability to be used equally well by left-handed gamer is the unique “Smart Cast” button layout. This design allows the left and right mouse button to play double duty, affording you more flexibility when in a fast-paced competitive Overwatch match.


While the majority of high-end gaming mice provide some sort of programming software, the ROCCAT stands out from the crowd with the Swarm smartphone app that allows you to adjust settings without having to tab out of the game. It’s a unique feature that allows you to keep the game going without missing a beat. ROCCAT models remain some of the most customizable devices overall, and while you may not actually need the majority of the features in your average game, the fact that the option is there is a nice added touch.

The ROCCAT Kova is also priced quite affordably. While perhaps not as inexpensive as the cheapest device on our list, you can enjoy peak performance for a great price (see lowest price) regardless of your handedness.

It’s also worth mentioning that the Logitech G900 listed above has an ambidextrous option, giving lefties the option of 2 out of the 5 devices listed in our roundup of the best mice for Overwatch.

While the mice on this list all vary somewhat in what they have to offer, you’ll likely be more than pleased regardless of your choice. Whether you’re looking to brush up on your Widowmaker skills or need a rapid response for hectic Tracer gameplay, the settings on these peripherals should give you the tools you need to succeed.

What To Look For In An Overwatch Gaming Mouse?

While we do go into detail on some specific mice that we recommend to take your Overwatch games to the next level, there are some general guidelines to keep in mind when evaluating a gaming mouse specifically for Overwatch.

DPI Adjustments

DPI, or Dots per Inch, is a mouse measurement that basically determines how far your mouse cursor will move with a specific amount of movement. For example, if you have a mouse with 1600 DPI, a movement of one inch will move your cursor 1600 pixels. For many people, the optimal DPI setting is going to be personal preference. While some people tend to view higher DPI as preferable, the truth is that a low DPI setting is often your best bet when trying to line up difficult shots — such as when picking out that perfect headshot with Widowmaker, for example.

The best gaming mice will have at least one button that will allow you to adjust DPI on the fly. You’ll be able to quickly transition between a general usage setting when you’re playing a character like Winston to a setting optimized for snipers like Widowmaker and Hanzo. The hallmark of a good gaming mouse for Overwatch is customizability, given the vast variety of characters you’ll be playing over the course of a few matches.


As mentioned above, the perfect Overwatch mouse is going to have features that allow you to adjust your gaming equipment to suit your needs. Considerations like the ability to add and remove weight from your mouse, swap out different grips to better suit the shape of your hand, and even bells and whistles like lighting options may make your mouse feel right and get you ready to settle in for a few hours of climbing the ranks in Competitive mode.


While not necessarily as important as the other considerations, integration with the rest of your devices is something to keep in mind. Ecosystems like Razer and Corsair often have devices that communicate with each other or run off of the same software. Coordinating settings using computer software and making sure your equipment matches may be important to some users, as sometimes it helps to look the part as you work to achieve that pro-level play.

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