What is The Best Mouse For Realm Royale?

Realm Royale is one of the largest contenders for the battle royale throne and a much needed change from Epic games mega successes Fortnite. If you are anything like me you are probably wondering, what is the best mouse for Realm Royale? and what can I do to improve myself. That’s where me and my huge collection of gaming mice comes in!Logitech G502 Proteus Core

I have already tested dozens of mice playing Realm Royale and it turns out everyone in the community were right the Logitech G502 is the best mouse for Realm Royale. This shouldn’t come as a surprise though as the G502 is the most popular gaming mouse among Fortnite and other Third person shooter players.

With that being said not all players can utilize the G502 to its full potential and at least for me getting used to the G502’s “Palm” shape was a hard task.


What To Look for in a Realm Royale mouse?


Extra Buttons

Realm Royale only has 2 weapons,3 abilities and 2 “potion” slots (HP, Armor) in comparison to Fortnite’s array of building, weapon and utility functions binding your Realm Royale buttons should be fairly easy.

With that being said the traditional Realm Royale setup which consists of F and Q for your abilities and Left shift for your movement abilitiy doesn’t leave you with a lot to bind your disenchant, Weapon slots and even mount and inventory functions.

That’s why you should always look for a mouse with at least 2 extra buttons so you can bind your weapons to. this way you will be able to quickly pick up weapons from the floor without leaving the comfortable W,A,S,D finger position.

In addition to the very important weapon slots which I highly recommend you bind you should always try bind most of your utility functions to convenient buttons. For example I binded my mount and disenchant slots to my G502’S extra buttons so I can more efficiently finish my small “Loot runs” and spend more time preparing for the next battle ahead.



Pretty self explanatory no matter what game you play you should always look for the best sensor you can afford. I usually recommended any pix-art sensor or any proprietary sensor by Razer. I find theses sensors to be the most reliable ones and the ones giving me the least problems when aggressively turning or when flick shooting my enemies.

With that being said there are plenty of other sensor companies out there and I highly recommend you to research your desired mouse sensor on a case per case basis.

PS: all the mice on this list feature some of best sensors on the market and you shouldn’t worry about anything technical if you pick one of them!



Another pretty self explanatory factor, you should always consider your mice design as you will probably spend years and years with it.

Now that we got everything out of the way we can finally dive into my best Realm Royale mouse list!


#1 Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum

As I have mentioned before the G502 is a must have for every Third person shooter fan. Ninja has proved he is one of the best Fortnite players using the G502 and he has recently started dominating the Realm Royale scene as well. g502

Ninja’s favorite classes are the Assassin and Hunter which utilize very aim dependent class weapons. If you have watched any of Ninja’s Realm Royale clips you already know he slays with them and that’s largely due to his G502!

In addition to the fact that the G502 is widely used among Battle Royale Pros the PMW3366 sensor, chassis and overall “Feel” of the G502 are simply great and this is the only mouse I like when playing with low dpi settings in Third person shooters. The palm grip design and extra contact points make for a great “Precision mouse” and one of the few mice I can actually get consistent battle royales in Fortnite and crown Royales in Realm Royale.

As you can already tell I really love the Logitech G502 and I totally agree with the BR community when it says this mouse is a must have and the absolute king when it comes to Third person shooter Battle Royales

Pick the G502 If

You want to join countless Battle Royale pros including myself (Definitely not a pro) 😉 and enjoy the G502’s extra buttons, incredible tracking and great ergonomic design. (See Lowest Price)

Don’t Pick the G502 If

You are a finger tip or “Hard claw” Gripper.

#2 Final Mouse Ultra Light Pro

The Final mouse ultra light Pro is my personal choice for all FPS games and one of the most popular mice among CS:GO professionals. The Ultra Light Pro is not as good when it comes to third person shooters but with some getting used to it can become A deadly weapon.ultra light mouse pro

The ultra light low weight, incredible sensor and comfy design make it a great option for Low DPI players which are looking for that deadly Precision/speed combination. The cool Hive design doesn’t hurt either!

In addition to its array of impressive features this mouse is used by one of Realm Royale’s biggest stars Summit1g Which also happens to be a former CS:GO pro (What are the odds) I don’t need to tell you how god like summit’s aim is and I highly encourage you to go for the Final Mouse Ultra light if you have a good FPS background and/or you are a claw/finger tip gripper.


Pick the Final Mouse Ultra Light Pro If

You are a good First person shooter player or if you are a claw/finger tip gripper.

Don’t Pick the Final Mouse Ultra Light Pro If

Your grip is not claw/finger tip and you want to go for the proven G502 instead.



And that’s it for now these are the two mice I really like when playing Realm Royale! Sure I could inflate this list with 10 mice I didn’t like but you know me I only recommend the best of the best to my precious readers 🙂

With that being said I hope you are a little smarter than you were a few minutes ago and that you are a little closer to an informed buying decision!

Happy gaming and good luck.

See you in the next one!

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