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The Bengoo G9000 are one of the most popular gaming headphones in the world for a reason, their unique design, Comfort and great performance makes them one of the best budget friendly headsets on the planet (See Lowest Price).

Bengoo G9000 Review

If you have landed on this page you are probably an amazon customer who wants to know if the Bengoo G9000 are any good. To answer this question I have used the G9000 for 6 months and tested every feature they have to offer.

Now I can confidently say that the G9000 are a good choice and that you won’t regret buying them. With that being said I do have some concerns when it comes to the G9000 and I highly recommend you to read the rest of this article to find out more!


Sound QualityBengoo g9000

When it comes to sound quality the G9000 is pretty great! It has a good balance between Lows,Mids and treble and I can clearly hear the footsteps of my enemies playing CS:GO or Fortnite BR.

The G9000 are powered by your standard 40mm magnetic neodymium drivers which can be found in many other gaming headsets. That results in a rather “normal” sound.

With that being said the G9000 bass is quite impressive and I feel it overpowers the Mids sometimes. This can be perceived as a blessing or a curse and I encourage you to ask yourself if you are a bass person or not.

Overall the Bengoo G9000’s sound quality is very good for its price range (See Lowest Price) and my only concern is the slightly exaggerated Lows. (Bass)



The G9000’s main selling point and the reason I purchased it in the first place was its compatibility with almost any device I owned! The G9000 is compatible with my PS4, Xbox One, my phone, my PC,my Tablet and even my PS4’s controller audio jack which essentially transforms the G9000 into a wireless PS4 headset!

If you have ever used a headset on both your pc and gaming console (Xbox one or PS4) you already know some headphones sound different when used on a gaming console. I am happy to confirm that’s not the case with the Bengoo G9000. The G9000 sounds the same across all of my devices and Its one of the few budget friendly headsets that retain their quality when used with a gaming console.

Overall the G9000 are an excellent choice if you own multiple devices and are looking for consistency across all of them.



The number one trait I am always looking for in headphones is comfort, I don’t care if an headset sounds like heaven I will still not buy it if its uncomfortable. With that being said I am happy to confirm the G9000s are pretty comfortable and one of the most breathable headphones I have ever owned. The ear cushions are great and fluffy, and the insides of the earcups are covered with some sort of soft cloth. Overall I am happy to announce that my ears really like the G9000!

With that being said the padding across the top of the headset can cling to sweat and I find my self wiping it after very long gaming sessions. You will also find that the adjustable headband can cling onto long hair and I don’t recommend the headset to long haired people.

In conclusion the G9000 are one of the most comfortable headphones in their price range (See Lowest Price) and a great choice for the comfort originated gamer.


Durabilitybengoo g9000 camo

Durability and life span are a major concern when it comes to budget friendly electronics. I personally can’t count the times I broke headphones in the past and it was probably my biggest concern when I first opened my own pair.

With that being said I still didn’t manage to break my G9000 headphones and I am quite surprised by how durable they are. I mean I am not the most gentle person when it comes to headphones and I recently broke my 2 month old beats headphones just by accidentally sitting on them!

I mean I sat on my G9000 which are 1 tenth of the price of the beats and they still haven’t broke after a half a year, hell I even twisted the earcups in my tests and they still came out unscathed!

In conclusion the G9000 are one of the most popular gaming headsets in the world for a reason and I am sure they will last me for years to come!



Finding a good pair of gaming headphones that can also double as music headphones in this price range can be an impossible task. And to be honest with you the G9000 aren’t that good when it comes to casual music listening.

However my rather poor listening experience stems from the fact that I mostly listen to acoustic music which mostly benefits from a balanced EQ spectrum. As I have mentioned before the G9000 aren’t quite “balanced” and I only find them good when listening to bass heavy music such as Trap, Hip-hop, EDM and other bass heavy genres.

In conclusion the G9000 is the perfect choice for bass heavy listeners and not such a great choice for classical/Acoustic music listeners.



The Bengoo G9000 are one of the most popular gaming headsets on amazon for a reason. Their compatibility, Sound quality and surprising comfort makes them an excellent choice for the budget conscious gamer.

Pick the Bengoo G9000 If

You are looking for a great multi device gaming headsets that will serve you for years to come! (See Lowest Price)

Don’t Pick the Bengoo G9000 If

You are looking for a more subdued bass.

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