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Overall, the Atlantic Gaming Desk offers a cost effective (view latest price) solution on the placement of your gaming setup. Ample space is provided on the Atlantic Gaming Desk, it is designed in a simple yet effective manner and there are added bonuses to set it apart from other desks on the market. The Atlantic Gaming Desk is a high quality desk that won’t let you down in the heat of the battle. It definitely stands up to the rigours of modern gaming and manages to pass those tests with flying colours.

When it comes to gaming having the right setup can be vital. It’s not just about having a beast of a machine and a quality mouse though. It’s not even just about having a top notch chair under you. A very big part of your gaming setup is to make sure you have a good desk in front of you.

As gaming becomes more of a facet of modern life the importance of having quality equipment rises. The aforementioned machine, mouse and chair are obviously vital components to the gaming experience but desks to tend to be neglected in the search for optimum gaming. That’s the wrong choice to make as the desk plays a vital role in gaming. As the old saying goes, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. If your desk is your weak link then it doesn’t matter what the quality of the other aspects are, they will all come down to the same level.

There are a variety of things that make up a good quality gaming desk. Having enough room. Being strong and sturdy. Fitting within a specific budget. All of these factors come together as well as many more to create a good desk. It can make it hard to concentrate or even cause RSI or other strain injuries if the desk doesn’t have an ergonomic design. All of these factors need to be taken into account when making your choice.

Which brings us to the desk we’re going to look at today. The Atlantic Gaming Desk. This desk is marketed as being designed specifically for gamers. That gives it a lot to live up to, because gamers are a group of people with very high standards. Is the Atlantic Gaming Desk going to manage to live up to those standards? Does it have enough by way of features to stand up to the expectations of the modern gamer? Let’s take a look and find out.



In terms of features the Atlantic Gaming Desk has really pushed the boat out. It has offered players a wide range of features that enhance the gaming experience. The first feature that Atlantic Gaming Desk includes is a charging station. The charging station has enough space to hold up to three mobile devices at a time. While it doesn’t come with the wires to charge the devices, the station is designed to allow wires to come from behind the desk and offers a space to pass the wires through to plug into the device. It makes it a simple task to have your mobile devices close at hand without having to find a place to store them while they charge.

The next feature is arguably the most important feature that the Atlantic Gaming Desk has, the power cable organization system. Not only is there a cable tidy at the back of the desk but there is also a wire frame to hold a power brick. This means that not only can enough power cables be attached for all of the gaming devices you have running, but the cables can also be kept in a safe and tidy manner. This is a big issues with a lot of gaming desks that the Atlantic Gaming Desk has solved with relative ease.

It also comes with a drinks holder attached to the leg of the desk. This is an underrated feature for one main reason. If you have a drinks holder on the leg of the desk that means you won’t be placing drinks on the desk itself. This ensures that spillages are kept to a minimum and your electrical devices are kept safer. Three is also space for your headphones to be kept on the side of the desk. This ensures that they don’t get tangled up with your other wires as well as keeping them close at hand for when you might need them.

Sticking with the sound theme, the Atlantic Gaming Desk also allows space for speakers to be placed. With a mini shelf at either end of the desk they’re placed so they offer a surround sound experience without taking up any extra room from on the desk itself.

The Atlantic Gaming Desk provides space for your games to be stored when you’re not playing them also. This ensures there isn’t the usual practice of them being strewn about the room. All of your games can be kept nice and close to where you play, within arms length at all times. The games holder has space for up to 5 games at a time as well as 2 controllers. Making sure that players have plenty of choice as well as opening up the opportunities for multiplayer.

The monitor stand on the Atlantic Gaming Desk allows for up to a 32 inch flat screen to be placed which leaves space on the desk for other gaming peripherals. It is raised like a pedestal to bring it level with the players eyeline. This helps with neck issues as well as keeping the desk in a much tidier state. The monitor stand is raised to such a height that you could even use a laptop at the same time, or have a dual monitor system working.

The best thing about all of the features that come with the Atlantic Gaming desk is that they are all completely optional. If you feel like you don’t want or need any of the features you don’t have to install them when you put the desk together. This ensures that it can cater to the needs of anyone.



Allows a maximum monitor size of 32” with a maximum weight of 40 pounds on the TV stand which is 108.5 inches squared. This leaves a remaining work surface of 940 inches squared. The charging station has a width of 8.5 inches and the speaker brackets are 21.25 inches squared. The height of the desk is 40.25 inches without any items on it with a width of 26.75 inches and a length of 49.25 inches.

Made from steel rods and carbon fibre it offers excellent levels of strength and durability. This makes sure that the Atlantic Gaming Desk has plenty of space for gaming as well as being strong enough to handle the rigours that it may be put through.

These specifications are some of the best on the market with very few desks offering the level of space that the Atlantic Gaming Desk offers and even fewer using steel rods for support. This means that in terms of specifications the Atlantic Gaming Desk is way out in front of almost all other desks on the market.


The Atlantic Gaming Desk offers a large number of positives. The first main positive is that it offers a large range of features. This ties in with it being one of the most feature heavy desks on the market. It also comes in as a budget desk due to the price being so low.

The strength and durability of the Atlantic Gaming Desk also ensures that it is long lasting and can hold a great number of peripherals. This makes sure that the Atlantic Gaming Desk is good value for money due to the longevity that the desk provides.

The drink holder is also a fantastic idea that stops drink spills being such an occurrence, which helps to stop any damage to your electronics. This added to the headphone and speaker storage ensures that it is incredibly convenient.


In terms of cons, the Atlantic Gaming Desk doesn’t have a large amount of them. The desk can sometimes be difficult to put together, due to the holes not being machined in exactly the right place. There are also some small issues with scratches being present on the finish due to protective cardboard slipping when the desk is removed from its box.

Apart from these two issues there are very few cons for the Atlantic Gaming Desk.



There are a number of competitors for the Atlantic Gaming Desk. One of the main competitors for the Atlantic is actually created by the same company.

Red Centipede Gaming Desk

The Red Centipede is similar in terms of price to the Atlantic, which is not surprising as it comes from the same company. It offers an increased amount of space for consoles and games when compared to the Atlantic Gaming desk, but it doesn’t have as many features. There are no spaces for headphones, no spaces for a charging station and a drinks holder is an idea that wasn’t even considered. This isn’t to say that the Red Centipede isn’t a good desk, but in terms of features and making your gaming a convenient experience it doesn’t compare.

The price is in a similar range, so if you have a lot of consoles and like to have a wide range games at your disposal then the Red Centipede may offer you what you need. If you prefer a wide range of features and the ability to use multiple screens then the Atlantic should be your desk of choice.

Origami Foldable Desk

The origami foldable desk is a great desk for people who don’t have the space to keep their desk out at all time. It requires no assembly as it arrives already folded up and all it needs is to be unfolded and placed in position. While this is excellent for people with limited space or people who like to change where they game at regular intervals, it does mean that the Origami Foldable Desk has less features and less space than the Atlantic Gaming Desk. There is also the worry that the desk may collapse if too much weight is placed onto it.

In terms of price the Origami Foldable Desk is very close to the Atlantic Gaming Desk. However, it does offer inferior value for money. It has less space and fewer features, this makes it overall a much less useful product. Unless you are struggling for space and need to fold your desk down after each use the Atlantic Gaming Desk is a far superior product.

Techni Mobili Deluxe L Shaped Desk

The Techni Mobili is a desk for a real enthusiast. Offering high quality tempered frosted glass and what is essentially two desks, it gives a lot more space than the Atlantic. This doesn’t mean that it measures up to the Atlantic in every way though. The Atlantic has a significant amount of extra features. The Techni Mobili is missing a headphone storage space, cable organization, drinks holder and a raised platform for the screen. If you require a large amount of space and want to do the traditional dual monitor setup either side of the corner then the Techni Mobili does offer a better experience than the Atlantic, however if you require additional features then the Atlantic offers a lot more.

In terms of price, the Techni Mobili is a lot more expensive than the Atlantic. This means that it can’t offer as many features as the Atlantic can, while at the same time costing a significant amount more. If you’re on a budget then this is definitely not the desk for you, and unless you are desperate for space on your desk you should aim for the Atlantic.



Coming it at a cost of less than an average gaming chair (view lowest price) the Atlantic Gaming Desk is a budget offering that will provide users with a huge amount of value for their money. Not many desk can offer this amount of features for the money and it really ensures that the Atlantic Gaming Desk is not only top of the list when it comes to budget choices, but it is also right near the top of most lists of gaming desks.

If you’re on a budget then the Atlantic Gaming Desk will be able to satisfy all of the needs that you may have and may even exceed them. Fitting into the budget range makes the Atlantic Gaming Desk a little bit more desirable than some other desks on the market that have similar features. This is because it offers these features at a much lower price.



The Atlantic Gaming Desk is a feature heavy gaming desk that will ensure that you are able to carry out your gaming in as much comfort as possible. It has a wide variety of features including a drinks holder and space for mobile devices that makes your gaming experience as easy and ergonomic and convenient as possible.

Of course, it’s not just about the nice little bonuses that it has to offer though. There is a lot of functional things that the Atlantic Gaming Desk offers. It has a raised platform to place your monitor. This helps to keep the screen level with your eyes, so you don’t suffer any form of neck strain. It also frees up space to place other screens below the main monitor if that is how you like your setup to look. The large amount of space overall means that there is plenty of room for many different kinds of setups.

Strong materials are used to create the Atlantic Gaming Desk. This ensures that it is durable and will last a long time, as well as being able to take the weight of multiple monitors or any other devices you may choose to place on your desk. The ability of the desk to last a long time means that it is a good option for people who spend a lot of time gaming.

The price of the Atlantic Gaming Desk ensures that it qualifies as a budget option, but the features that are on offer as well as the overall quality of the desk mean that it doesn’t perform in the manner of a budget desk.

The ergonomic design of the Atlantic Gaming Desk is also an important point. This ensures that the desk will help towards keeping your body in good condition when you use it. This is vital if you are settling into marathon gaming sessions because being at the wrong angle can easily cause long term damage to your back or neck. The Atlantic Gaming Desk alleviates this issue by offering a good height for any control devices to be placed as well as a raised platform to ensure the screen is at eye level. All of this comes together to make the Atlantic Gaming Desk one of the most comfortable desks around.
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