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Mark Edward “Markiplier” Fischbach is a successful American Youtuber with over 19 million subscribers. Markiplier’s massive success can be attributed to his charismatic personality and comedic take on popular games. Markiplier is known for his reactions to popular games and is very popular among teenagers. 

Markiplier's Gear


Razer DeathAdder Chroma


Rode NT1KIT Microphone


Razer DeathStalker Chroma


Sennheiser HD 598 Cs


AOC 27” I2757FH IPS LED Monitor



MARKUS Swivel Chair


Canon EOS 70D


ASUS Republic of Gamers 17.3″ Gaming Laptop


Equipment Analysis

Markiplier’s Mouse – Marikiplier is using the Razer DeathAdder Chroma as his mouse of choice. The DeathAdder chroma is one of Razer’s best selling products and the absolute best when it comes to combining design and performance. We highly recommend it to those of you who play FPS games or MOBAs such as LoLl, HOTS and Dota 2

Markiplier’s Microphone – Markiplier is using the Rode NT1 to create his videos. Rode is probably the best microphone manufacturer for normal vocals (Videos, Podcasts) And we see many top content creators using one of their products. The NT1 is a great choice for all of you aspiring content creators who demand a high quality sound at a reasonable price.

Markiplier’s Camera– All of Markiplier’s videos are captured with the Canon EOS 70D. Canon is the largest camera manufacturer in the world and is known for its cameras’ high quality. The Canon EOS 70D is very popular among content creators and we are sure you have watched dozens of videos made with the Canon EOS 70D. We highly recommend it to content creators who already own a starter level camera and want to take their content to a professional level.

Markiplier’s Keyboard – Markiplier is using yet another Razer product as his keyboard. The DeathStalker Chroma is one of Razer’s new keyboards, the DeathStalker is a Membrane keyboard. Membrane keyboards offer a happy medium between normal Keyboards and mechanical keyboards and we highly encourage you to get the DeathStalker if you don’t like the fell of mechanical keyboards.

Markiplier’s Headphones– Markiplier’s headphones are the Sennheiser HD 598 Cs. We don’t need to tell you about how great Sennheiser is and we believe Sennheiser is the number 1 brand for people who actually care about sound quality. The HD 598Cs are some of the best sounding headphones we have ever tested! Even though the 598Cs are not gamer focused headphones they include a microphone and very comfortable ear cups that will allow you to game for hours on end!

Markiplier’s Monitor – Markiplier’s monitor is the AOC 27” I2757FH IPS LED Monitor. As the name suggests the monitor is a 27″ IPS monitor. 27″ IPS monitors at that price are very hard to find and from our research, this is the best looking monitor at its price category. With that being said, the monitor is not specifically geared towards gamers and its response time is 5ms which is not ideal for gamers. We recommend this monitor to those of you who do graphic design.

Markiplier’s Chair– Markiplier’s is using an IKEA chair! This is quite surprising to us and we wouldn’t recommend buying a gaming chair from IKEA. However, Markiplier’s MARKUS Swivel chair is a great option for those of you who are looking for an office chair at a decent price.

Markiplier’s Laptop – Markiplier’s laptop is an ASUS ROG laptop with a 4GB GTX980, a powerful Intel i7 CPU and 24GB of DDR3 memory. As you can see, Markiplier’s laptop is very powerful and will be more than enough for any game or editing task you will throw at it.

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